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deci belle

The potential for enlightenment

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Without the kind of independence which eschews social cliques promulgating otherness, or reactive, stream-of-consciousness associations (which are essentially imitative in nature), there is no possibility for individuals to be free from psychological and social attachments which they fear casting off from in the first place.


We have an attachment to belonging, and such a deep-seated fear of independence that we will do anything to prove ourselves worthy of belonging, even if all it accomplishes is keeping ourselves in a bondage of false association which is antithetical to a spontaneous, dynamic selfless unity expressed naturally in the midst of conditions.


If people have not yet seen what isn't them in terms of the absolute …all their howling isn't going to help them at the moment the matter of birth and death is sitting on their chest.


Unless you people can be independent in the absolute sense, DON'T KNOCK IT.


This isn't a matter of some spiritual tradition.


This is the rise of the human spirit. Literally. The potential for enlightenment is the essence of the intent of the immaterial human body which has no location. This is the nature of human being. Human being is a type of awareness function peculiar to people which is not a person.


During our storm years, we spent them in the vertical realm.

When we'd cut loose

We didn't know it was never to leave the familiar

We just wanted to get closer to it.


That's why we set off into the unknown in the first place.


Setting off was all we knew

And we only had ourselves

To give it everything we had

Which was the prerequisite to cutting loose

In the first place.


We never knew there could be any other place.

But that was before we began to die…


And in accomplishing death it became obvious

That such a place has never existed

Because the original face is only aware space.


Bearded Dragon said…



deci belle, on 11 Sept 2013 - 21:14, said:snapback.png

If people have not yet seen what isn't them in terms of the absolute …all their howling isn't going to help them at the moment the matter of birth and death is sitting on their chest.


Outer mysterious female -> Inner mysterious female? I would presume this is what you mean but I feel that I need to check.


I can understand what I am not intellectually, however seeing or experiencing it another thing. You have written about the last part that I quoted in your mysterious female post which is quite informative, and you have mentioned about the ordinary issues of emotions and thoughts, but I'd like to hear a bit more about the part in-between where your emotions and thoughts are clear and you aim to see/experience what you are not. Perhaps you have already mentioned it, in which case a link would be great. Based on what I quoted, this part is before you start dealing with change and the aperture of the inner mysterious female.


It is not clear as to the difference between intellectually knowing what I am not and actually seeing it, or whether there is even a difference in terms of the outer mysterious female. I know I am not my thoughts because they change. I know I am not my emotions because they change also. Is that seeing or intellectualising? These are words, and that is my problem. Perhaps it's another waiting game. You said that in terms of the inner mysterious female you stand at the door and wait for the inevitable to arrive. Once you clear your emotions and thoughts is it a similar waiting game to penetrate the outer mysterious female and wait for the "seeing what you are in terms of the absolute"? If you say yes then that is enough for me. I will not need words in that case.


Thanks :).






The outer Mysterious Female refers to the balanced combination of flexibility and firmness, considered necessary to achievement of a harmonious personality.


The inner Mysterious Female is ordinarily considered identical to the "valley spirit", which stands for open awareness, the image of the "valley" representing openness, the image of "spirit" representing awareness.



This from Thomas Cleary's notes to his translation of ancient alchemic poems of female adepts in Immortal Sisters — Secret Teachings of Taoist Women. 1989, North Atlantic Books



Hi BD❤





"I'd like to hear a bit more about the part in-between where your emotions and thoughts are clear and you aim to see/experience what you are not"


Well… clarity is the mind ground itself in terms of one's own conscious state in the midst of ordinary situations.
In terms of timing, yes, there is before and after, so "in between" can serve to focus on the process. Clarity is accepting phenomena because one can match one's own emptiness with creation (self/phenomena/other characteristics are the same). This is sameness within difference and this is why we can transcend Change. This is working with the same thing. This is alchemy on the phenomenological level.
Working the firing process in the midst of ordinary affairs is the Great Vehicle of buddhas, adepts, saints and wizards.
So clarity of the mind-ground of one's conscious awareness is nonpsychological awareness. That means there are no two minds; the human mentality turns into the mind of tao.
So there is no "in between" in terms of trying to see reality because you are already there on account of the inherent clarity of the mind-ground. But there is still "process".
When thoughts and emotions are clear is "before" events exist. This is called balance. When something comes up, one adapts without entertaining self-reification in the face of events because awareness is impersonal. This is harmony.
So "in between" is relative to events themselves. One has never begun to see reality as is because that is all there is anyway. So it is not something you do. The firing process and the elimination of desire/aversion/numbness is just the human mentality having turned into the mind of tao.
What happens is as there is no resistance/reaction in terms of one's inherent awareness, one saves this energy naturally. this is where the burst of power comes from in transcending mundane and trans-mundane evolutions.
Nonpsychological awareness is just your own inherent mind empty and free of self-reflection. This is brought about by the will to open sincerity that has no sticking-point to entertain thoughts of self and other.
It is just that habit-energy is in control that makes self-refinement possible and necessary. It's all real. The work of "in between" is not having a habitual self-identity to maintain the illusion of not-seeing.




In response to hydrogen's post:


Vous had it instantly and it is only second thoughts that are the bane of existence.




"…only knows breath in and breath out.


Between the space of in and out, the whole universe is created?"


over and over and over.


We already know this through and through, don't you…❤




Jetsun said:


"The need to belong is most probably deeply embedded in our genetics."


The potential for enlightenment precedes the bifurcation processes of the created (yin and yang).


You are not created. It is not words, genes, intellect, reason.


Arriving at the point of the pivot of awareness you are no longer subject to karmic influence. Isn't that a wonderful potential?


Finding out for yourself is the way to go on beyond gone; gone beyond.


Need is holding humanity hostage. This is the real meaning of desire. Our reality has no beginning and has never fallen into the created.


The potential for enlightenment is natural. One has to free oneself from the bondage of karmic evolution.


This is the work of self-refinement.





Who does not possess this potential?
Who does not partake of just this enlightened aware nature?
Therein lies the point of investigation:
Unless one has dealt thoroughly with the Vertical

Where other is host and self is the guest
What is Level in adapting to conditions?
In terms of the investment, what is the principal?
Unless one knows there is this Nothing to investigate,

Good and bad being the plaything of before and after;

One's own power can hardly be relied on.

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