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Another contemplation- What is a "spiritual/earthly person"

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I feel this is an unconscious belief some people have about themself (hopefully not just me)


because of their respect for "spiritual matters"

They may seperate between people who are "spiritual and not"


But this kind of thinking may heavily unground one. Because it will make one view themself as not a person anymore and something different.


So contemplating this.


A person is a person


Heaven is heaven


Eath is earth


What is an earthly activity- well some people may suggest it is taking care of ones needs, desires, but how can one not call this a heavenly activity too.


What is a heavenly activity- thinking about connection to all, love, higher vibration stuff, etc, well isnt that also an earthly activity.


Can a heavenly person exist? Well a person is a person with needs, desires, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, they may have a greater or lesser connection to nature, heaven/earth, but it doesnt really make them less of a person. Also ones connection can change too.


Every human has a spirit, body, mind so one cannot be a different kind of person.

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