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Non ejaculatory orgasm and tenderness in lower lower Tan Tien?

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Anyone else experience this? A slight tension in the bladder, perhaps also prostate area? Is this normal? Good or bad? Are there ways to avoid it?

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Keep moving. No fixation. After you learn something new go clean the garage, wash the dishes and GROUND yourself. This is the importance of the TRAINING associated with the cultivation practices.


Sooo.... Consider your habitual movements as patterns to observe and guide. Tenderness in an area is normal when you start something new or place a load on part of your body system. Most important thing for 'retention' is to avoid stagnation on any level, physical, mental, spiritual. It's better to learn a little bit, and have a release valve, then to try to make the whole distance w/o properly training for the race. Less is more.


It's important to have a regular training regime, this will help avoid many pitfalls that come about from that quirky mind/body - body/mind relationship. Also by focusing on relaxing (mind AND body) while accomplishing physical tasks you learn how the body moves through a combination of subtle arcs for what appears to be linear motion. TaiChi is exellent at demonstrating this. Also by routinely GROWING your body, you grow your mind.


The single most valuable thing I have learned through training in Chinese Martial Art is that the mind and body are not separated. We only THINK they are. No thought returns us to a natural state. It's The Most Beautiful Way to wake up fresh each day.




Warmups and Nuetralizations/Circulations:


-Non Injurious Situps/crunches (be nice to yourself)

-Supermans or Boat Pose to reverse the situp/crunch tension. (always balance things out up/down & left/right)


-Swinging Plum Blossoms: Relaxed arms, swinging side to side through horizontal waist rotation (think fig 8 w/ the hips, arms in arcs around waist tapping front/back of tantien)


-Sun Salutation Asanas aka Hindu Pushups: Clearing, Moving, Circulating


-Hindu Squats: Can flow naturally from sun salutes. Works Lower Back & Abs and rooting.


-Threading the Nine Pearls: Wall Prop. Archer stance w/ front leg toes touch wall, lift front leg to 90deg bend. Perform until you shake. Then buddhist breath until you break your metabolic wall. Switch legs.


-Abdominal breathing should relax and invigorate the area. Heat is usually generated in the tantien at this stage.


-Wei Dan methods are good for clearing blockages/stagnation and circulating through the reg meridians.


Enjoy Life,




Are there ways to avoid it?



PS - the same muscles that are used for F k ing are also used for F gt ing. The wuji squat activates the torso spring / internal pelvic muscles that support our frame from the inside out. When this posture is supported by the breath instead of the muscles..... well... it's just something to consider.

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Nice new avatar man.




I've been dealing with various pressures in the lower chakras for awhile now. Particularly around the perineum and also in the deep center of my belly. To release them I meditate, allow my mind to go into emptiness and then travel into the center of the pressure. Invariably all kinds of unpleasant emotions, thoughts, memories, etc. are wrapped around these tensions, sometimes so intense I've had to stop my meditation and take a walk. At other times I will just become continually distracted from my intent with pointless but alluring daydreams that just "coincidentally" keep arising whenever I get near these chakras. Actually, these are useful defense mechanisms helping to prevent you from biting off more than you can chew. I've found the most effective way to get through the tensions, is just keeping free of desire, staying with emptiness. No thing can stop nothing. Then my experience of the center. Inside the center of these tensions is an almost imperceptibly tiny droplet of light. Trunk will tell you all about this. :) When you connect with the light, the tension opens up, sometimes slowly sometimes all at once, usually somewhere in between.



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