Harmony and Chakra/Energy drawings

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My Chakras and Energy Part one

Crayon and Coloured pencils on A4 paper

I initially found out I could intuit and draw what my chakras and Aura looked like about 3 months ago. There are more pictures below. I was generally feeling pretty great on my first Caricature I made, after doing some Kundalini Yoga (Sat Kriya)


for 20-30 minutes. The energy was nearly as good as my best state 3 months ago without any techniques, I can understand this due to doing a lot of memory healing work. The colour Gold is usually considered the best colour and there was some above my head, with some silver and violet too,




My Chakras and Energy Part two


Crayon and Coloured pencils on A4 Paper

I wanted to keep further improving my energy and see if I could notice any changes, just for my own amusement, sort of like a weightlifter lol. I had a nice healthy meal of meat free steaks, Carrot and Coriander soup and my own home made protein shake with chocolate Soya Milk and different seeds and nuts. So I had a couple of good conversations with my friend and my Brother which made me feel good and did a few Taoist vitality exercises and strengthening my PC muscle. I was feeling even happier. I was feeling positive but in a natural non repressive way. There was definately a substantial change.




My Chakras and Energy Part Three


"My Chakras and Energy Part Three"

Crayon and Coloured Pencils on A4 Paper

I went to the park, walking my dog, in the sunshine, it is a nice park with not too many people and friendly people, mostly there for dog walking. I did a few playful animal or Tree Imitation moves, a tiger, bear, snake, bird (when no one is watching of course) and also walked barefoot through my forest/tree area for 10-20 minutes. I decided to draw my Energy again.




My Chakras and Energy Part Four


My Chakras and Energy Part four"

Crayon and Coloured Pencil on A4 Paper

I wanted to improve it a little more and intuitively felt that I was very light and needed a little more strength/muscle work. I felt that 15-20 minutes of the Tibetan Five Rites


would ground me a bit and make me feel more masculine. I also noticed the colour of Hoodie/Shirt I was wearing could really influence my energy.






So my general Consensus of the matter is that Harmony is very important for ones energy and how they feel. If they are too repressive and fear saying anything that will upset others likely they will have less strength and more black, if they are too hungry, there will be some black, if one is exerting or expressing themself too much it will cause an imbalance, negative thoughts about self and other, affect the quality of ones energy.


For Similar Art and if you want any art done like this here is my page

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