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Vanir Thunder Dojo Tan

"feeling events"; precognition or something else?

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The last week or so I have had an incredibly dominating feeling of impending "eventfulness" for the lack of a better description... which honestly is the best I can do... the feeling of something impending... not a bad feeling, not impending doom, but it is leaving me feeling absurdly anxious...

Whatever this feeling is, maybe it is nothing but anxiety, but I cannot help but feel like something is about to happen... like I am holding my breath in anticipation (im breathing just fine, thank you).

To be absolutely vulnerable and honest, it feels like I am supposed to be connecting with someone right now, meeting a soulmate-type individual or someone of that level of closeness/connectedness... maybe a sensei/teacher, I cannot say for sure...

I am not even sure why I am starting this thread, except I suspect it might be a member of the bums that I am" feeling" the imminence.

There are a number of potential possibilities this feeling may be connected to, and I cannot discern which:

Writing the Zelda fanfic may gain sudden and beneficial recognition... which AsheSkyler could help me pull off... more...
any of the Works in Progress I have down in my blog
maybe my "webcomic without pictures"...
Which hod recommended I focus on (I took it as professional advice)

There are several, but primarily two, members whom I have always had an acute "attraction" toward... threads of theirs which I gravitate toward and thoroughly enjoy... So overall, it might be the combination of hopeful events fighting for the focus of my attention which is causing this feeling-turmoil of impending activity......

Maybe someone else could help me chew on this one and come up with some insight on what's going on in my subconscious :lol:

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