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Sigh, if I only understood my precognitive dreams.....this morning.

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Sigh, I am feeling a bit off balanced here. It turns out my last night dream was telling me that I would experience certain emotional affliction because I would be meeting people of who "unloaded their bad karma" onto me. In this dream, I was in a school with a broken main pipe causing the bathroom sewer pipe to get backed up. All the craps were spilled onto my camera equipment. And this morning I met someone of who was precisely doing this to me. It was my fault too since I was expecting something which it wasn't about to happen.


And the next part of the dream I was being interrogated by my old boss concerning questions about my past life. I was like...I couldn't answer him because I really don't know too much about my past life other than some bits and pieces. Well, this morning, I had a nice conversation with someone I knew and he was asking questions that I couldn't answer him. These questions that I couldn't even answer myself. How could I even answer him? I felt kind of embarrassed. This morning I wasn't feeling well. I could have avoided all these by not being in this place this morning or reducing my expectations. Oh well, it is best to forget what happened this morning.

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