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Void Meditation

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I thought I'd share a meditation I do occasionally to become one with the void.


A good process I learned from William Mistele, a hermeticist, is the following:

1. Relax and close your eyes

2. Visualize standing out in nature at night with a clear star speckled sky
3. Look up at the sky and really feel how vast and far away everything is
4. Remove the earth from under your feet so you are just floating in this space
5. Remove the stars so there is nothing but empty space going on forever

6. If any thoughts arise they dissolve into the void

7. Become the void and the silence, feel the infinite vastness of it

This is a also great way to dissolve negative energy if you come accross it.

P.S. Here's a link to William Mistele's writing "Top Ten Kind of Voids"



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