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  1. Placenta is known as "ze he che" for instance. Anyone know what animal testicles that are used in TCM are called?
  2. Friday Energy : Collective Drunk Energy

    In astrology, there's something called the 'planetary hours' where every day has a day time planetary ruler which starts at sunrise and a night time planetary ruler which starts at sunset. Friday starts out under the rulership of Venus, the goddess of beauty, lightheardness and fun. After sunset on Friday, Mars takes over rulership, the God of action and war, bringing excitement and recklessness. Tuesday night, from a planetary hour perspective, is the most depressing nights of the week as it's ruled by Saturn which brings heaviness, melancholy and seriousness. At night, Saturn's negative qualities are magnified since Saturn doesn't do well in darkness, which is why Tuesday night often feels dull, depressed and like it drags on for so long. The day time on Saturday is actually ruled by Saturn as well. but Saturn likes the day. During the day it's positive qualities are available making the daytime on Saturday good for planning, structure, fixing things etc.
  3. Leo Gura films himself becoming enlightened

    I'd say it's pretty legit, like how you can have a legitimate enlightenment experience during an NDE. The experience you have is enlightenment, but due to the trigger, i.e a substance or death, it's more temporary and harder to fully integrate when the substance leaves your system or you're brought back to life in a hospital.
  4. Leo Gura films himself becoming enlightened

    Yeah quite an intense video, I watched about up to half way through. Pretty legit enlightenment experience but it does turn out he was on psychedelics at the time. He later unpacks and explains his experience and the implications in this vid:
  5. dantien qigong

    I've also done Gary Clyman's main condensing breathing exercise quite a bit where you condense into the center line of the head, torso, arms and legs but not necessarily the bone marrow itself. Apparently the results are quite similar to condensing into the marrow. I've had powerful effects from this. I've tried condensing into the actual marrow of my legs before and it was great, the qi seems better at staying inside on the exhale. I'd love to do this for my whole body but honestly I'm a bit weary of condensing qi into my spine.
  6. Sleep paralysis

    I've had many episodes of sleep paralysis, probably about 100 or so, and on a few occasions it has led to out of body experiences. I don't get them much anymore though. In the beginning, I remember waking up and not being able to move and I had a loud buzzing sound in my head. I used all my will to move my arm and eventually I heard a ripping sound, like velcro and managed to get my hand infront of my face. But I was suprised to see that there was no actual hand there at all, just a wavy field kind of like heatwaves you see on tarmac on a hot day, in the outline of my hand. On another occasion, I was asleep on my stomach and I again woke up in sleep paralysis, and tried really hard to hold my head up and again I heard the ripping velcro sound. And eventually, after much effort, I managed to be upright facing the wall. I could see everything perfectly, but I realised that this position should be impossible since I was facing the wall yet lying on my stomach, so I was at a 90 degree angle which would mean my spine would have had to have broken to be at that angle. This happened many more times and some of those times I managed to pop completely out of my body and have an astral projection.
  7. dantien qigong

    I tried Mantak Chia's Dantian Qigong and didn't really like the results. On the positive side it gave me qi pressure in a large area of the lower belly and resulted in a feeling of more light energy, but I didn't feel it was targeting the actual dantian enough and the energy wasn't solid or powerful enough (jing like) for my preferences. I've had pretty good results with Gary Clyman's layered condensing technique which gave me the more powerful jing feeling that I was looking for. You basically inhale qi into the dantian and while you inhale, you condense/shrink it into a very small point. On the next inhale you layer the qi around the point and at the same time condense it all down further into a small point again... basically like the layers of an onion, getting more and more condensed into the center on each inhale.
  8. Depends on the particular herbs to a large extent. If you were to choose a random herb out of all the herbs in existence, then that of course would be dangerous. But I could go to my kitchen and brew myself a green tea or chew on some ginger, for example, without much worry. So I think a healthy dose of common sense mixed with light research, experimentation, intuition and an awareness of the effects on one's body is generally a safe approach in regards to commonly used herbs.
  9. Cheers, I'll definitely try and get some Fu Ling and perhaps research some other herbs for the spleen/draining although I'd prefer to stay away from licorice root due to the negative effect is has on testosterone.
  10. Excellent advice, thanks very much. I like the sound of Fu Ling. The Yin Jing herbs I have are all 10:1 concentrated extractions of prepared He Shou Wu, prepared Rehmannia and Goji Berry. Do you know what the recommended ratio of non-concentrated Fu Ling to the above herbs might be? I'll probably be taking about just 3 grams of the concentrated Jing herbs per day, consisting of 1 gram of each of the 3.
  11. Ah yes, that was 3 years ago. I didn't get that book in the end. I've been doing some qigong by Bruce Frantzis which has helped immensely and those issues were resolved quite some time ago now.
  12. Thanks for the replies, sounds like alcohol, ginger or ginseng could be a good addition. I'll try and experiment with all 3 to see how they compare. As an aside, I just received some deer placenta capsules in the post and took one about an hour ago. It's insanely powerful, I could feel the effects start within minutes. It's a familiar feeling I get from he shou wu / goji berries etc., but feels 50x stronger. I've also got some black ant powder that I'm going to try tomorrow to gauge the effects and then some sheep placenta arriving in a couple of weeks to see how it compares with the deer.
  13. I've got He Shou Wu extract, Goji berry extract and Rehmannia extract. All Yin Jing tonics and I'm going to mix them together. I've read somewhere that you want to add something yang in there to help the transportation around the body. Any ideas what that could be? I was thinking maybe powdered ginger.
  14. Energy stuck in the head, insanity, anger, going nuts

    Sure, I had been practicing the https://lonerwolf.com/shadow-self/ http://www.williammistele.com/shadow.html