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Vanir Thunder Dojo Tan

The Legend of Zelda: Subtitle Here

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First of all, a Link (pun intended) to the blog I have hosting my work.

A Legend of Zelda Story.

The original Subtitle was "Spirit Link" but that tapered off with "spirit Tracks" being an official game... too similar.

Now it's Hylian Hearts... and I hope its a better name too. but not certain yet.

Now that I forgot why I was posting this here... oh yeah!

Seems to be taking off! It was only last month that I had 90 some odd page views from America and 1 page view, at most, everywhere else in the world... and not even everywhere.

Well after telling it to stop tracking my OWN page views, it went down to 60 some odd...
Today its up to 90 again, AND in RUSSIA!? So... I guess The Legend of Zelda is popular in Russia, huh? I dunno, you tell me... hah...

But it seems I have a story that is receiving attention for once...! Wish me luck!

... And enjoy the story if this is /your thing/ too ;)

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