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Theres nothing like a good book, one that pokes and prods you,makes you smile,makes you uncomfortable,but mostly a book that alters your outlook and opens up new possibilities. If you have read such a book or books please chime in.For the heck of it heres a few.


The Future Eaters by Time Flannery. Wonderful discourse on how humans interact with the envoiroment and the consequences of short sightedness.


The Snow Lepord by Peter Mattheissen. Its a hike into wilderness and Buddhism. Great Prose that transport you to the high himalayan peaks.


Seven Taoist Masters by Eva Wong. I love the crazy stories in this book,gives me a taste of what it means to be a taoist in China a long time ago.


Australia Thru Time by Cant remember. When I read this great book I was mentaly paralyzed by the sheer age of the land I walk on.Which was once the ocean bottom,which was once covered by a mile thick ice sheet,which once a desert, which was once a blah,blah,blah.

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