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Wiki Taoist Yoga...

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What do you think of this article? Pretty interesting...seems to bridge, much, with Indian yoga?:




If you look at the history:;action=history

you'll see that ity has only one contributor. So essentially is someone who is writing about something they do in their school, and then claim universality.


Compare to the history of tai chi chuan:;action=history




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Chi Gung is commonly known in some circles as Chinese (or Taoist) Yoga.


Dao Yin is refed in the entry as the root of Taoist Yoga? If there is anything that is related to Dao Yin it's Chi Gung, which was coined such during Mao's cultural revolution.


There is a lot of misinformation on that page.... also a lot of mis information on the connected page w/ the sun salutation information. (1929 origins? hah... ref: temple art)


A tip: research from as many angles as possible concerning single subjects. Next time maybe you can consolidate your post w/ multiple research links instead of a single tangent. Kinda like Pietro did.




Also... Enlightenment is kinda tiptoed around here:


Modern Taoist yoga has three primary goals:


1. To increase the vital energy moving into and circulating within our bodies.


2. To become aware of the subtleties of our body, breath and mind and understand their relationship to one another, as well as how to use this relationship to create a sense of wholeness and peace in our everyday life.


3. To increase our physical flexibility and strength through full ranges of motion, as well as gain smoothness and depth in breathing. This helps to enhance every aspect of our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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