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[HHC Study] Hua Hu Ching Chapter 13

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The tiny particles which form the vast universe are not tiny at all. Neither is the vast universe vast. These are notions of the mind, which is like a knife, always chipping away at the Tao, trying to render it graspable and manageable. But that which is beyond form is ungraspable, and that which is beyond knowing is unmanageable. There is, however, this consolation: She who lets go of the knife will find the Tao at her fingertips.


Walker's HHC 13




"Kind prince, asked the master, "what do you think? Are all the

small particles that make up the universe numerous?"

"Yes, very numerous, Venerable Teacher."

"And, kind prince, do you think the universe is very vast?"

"It is vast indeed, Venerable Teacher."

"But, kind prince, the Universal Truth is that the particles are

not small, nor is the universe vast. It is merely the relative mind that

labels them so.

"Kind prince, what do you think? Can one imagine the Universal One

as having any kind of wonderful form?"

"No, Venerable Teacher, one cannot imagine the Universal One as

having any kind of wonderful form, because the Universal One is not

real; it is merely labeled as such."

"Now, kind prince, if there are good men and women who offer their

lives in service to others, their blessings will certainly be bountiful.

But if someone practices the truth contained in the lines and chapters

of this scripture, and expounds it to others, his blessings will be

immeasurably and inconceivably abundant."



Ni's HHC 13

Edited by Mal Stainkey

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