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Many of these topics may be of interest here... Enjoy!-PDG

New Realities Global Public Access


kicks off the New Year with special Public Access TV Shows.


Watch as Manhattan Watches or Use the Internet!

New Realities Hits YouTube!


Farther Down the Rabbit Hole




New Realities and the new internet media is a perfect match! For over a decade we have been collecting hundreds of interviews with the world's most brilliant teachers, spiritual leaders, scientists, gurus, and paradigm shifters. With the coming of cyperspace we finally have a forum to present our expanded research to a world that seems hungry for knowledge and unity.


The great evener of the new communication era is Youtube. has become the world's most watched media with over 100 million videos viewed everyday. This out-ranks all the leading television stations in the country such as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN (they're going the way of the dinosaur)! With this in mind New Realities is premiering its global incarnation New Realities Global Public Access with affiliates such as Farther Down the Rabbit Hole, which is fast becoming Manhattan's hottest new Daily Public Access TV show.


These programs and others on Time/Warner public access are jumping on the oppurtunity to take advantage this new global outreach via the internet. We are moving forward on what seems to be the end of old corporate media and the start of the new independent citizen media. With this level playing field, thanks to "net neutrality", (non-government intervention)we can all have access to the latest news and ideas whatever we want whenever we want!


Two programs leading the way to a dimension of trans-communication are New Realities channel 57, 9:00 pm on Mondays hosted by Alan Steinfeld and Farther Down the Rabbit Hole on channel 34 at 11:30 am 5 days a week Monday through Friday hosted by Paula Gloria. These programs are streamed live at the time of the broadcast on so you can watch as Manhattan is watching from anywhere in the world.


To start this new era New Realities is premiering Part 1 of a special panel discussion with some of the world's leading thinkers and spiritual teachers this Monday, January 29th at 9:00pm on Manhattan Nieghborhood Network on Channel 57 and streamed on


On this special program called A Tapestry of Thought: The Evolution of Consciousness are Paul Lowe (author of In Each Moment), John West (Egyptologist), JJ Hurtak (author of Keys of Enoch), Yasuhiko Kimura (Vision-in-Action), Djenne Ba (esoteric astrologer), Natscha Kolestar (founder of I.DE.A.L.) and hosted by Alan Steinfeld of New Realities.


It is amazing discussion and facsinating how such a diverse group of thinkers could agree on the evolution of consciousness. To order the full 1 hour DVD of the program click linkl: Order DVD at [email protected]


Below are some highlights, now on are from the two series that have been playing on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.To see these clips click on the underlined program title and get immediately connected to the archived programs.


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Now archived on and some other internet media site:



Alan Steinfeld interviews Dr John Demartini: This very recent interview was done after New Realities hosted Dr. Demartini at a sold out crowd at the Meta Center. John is an international speaker who breathes new life into his audiences with his enlightening perspectives, humorous observations of human nature and practical insights that are life transforming. If you enjoy this interview you can sign up for his Weekend Breakthrough Intensive in New York March 18th- 19th & June 9th -10th. (New Realities subscribers get a discount). For more information check out or call Tom at 917 678- 2486.


Alan Steinfeld interviews Bhagavan Das with beautiful wife Uma singing and dancing recorded in 1996. Bhagavan Das is the American Yogi who introduced Ram Das to his guru.


Alan Steinfeld interviews Deepak Chopra (6:21 minutes) New Realities' Alan Steinfeld interviews Deepak Chopra about his book "The Love Poems of Rumi". The best moments are in this clip are in the long silences between the words.


Alan Steinfeld interviews Bruce Lipton (5:10 minutes)

New Realities interviews evolutionary biologist Bruce Lipton about our biological destiny and how our future is not in individual evolution, but in coming together as One Voice to form a wholeness known as Humanity.


Remote Viewing with Russell Targ and Alan Steinfeld (5 minutes)

Learn remote viewing with Russell Targ, one of the co-founders of this amazing science of the mind. Remote viewing is the ability to project our consciousness beyond the limits of our 5 senses and bring back information and images usually unavailable. Play along and see if you can guess the target before it is revealed. Let me know how you do.


Sexuality and Spirituality Margo Anand on New Realities (5:50 minutes)

Alan Steinfeld interviews tantra teacher Margo Anand about the integration of spirituality with sexuality.


Ken Kesey on Saddam Hussein and the first Iraqi War (02:43 minutes)

The famous American author of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest talks with Alan Steinfeld in the basement of the Wetlands club in New York July 1991. In possibly his last New York interview Kesey talks about everything from the first Iraqi war to LSD. Contact [email protected] for the complete 1 hour including stage presentation.



Alan Steinfeld Interviews the hugging saint Amma

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is one of the true living saints of today. She has hugged hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Jane Goodall, presenting Amma with Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence said, "She stands here in front of us. God's love in a human body."


Alan Steinfeld investigates Outer of Body travel with Albert Taylor author of Soul Traveler. Taylor describes his astral projection techniques and the consciousness that goes along with it.


Alan Steinfeld also was the first guest on Tribeca radio's first program of The Tantric Cafe with Laurie Handlers. To hear the archive go to:


For more information contact [email protected]



From Paula Gloria host of over 100 videos on youtube and featuring her controversial but profoundly healing series called Divine Sex or Earthly Abuse. Many of these programs have played on her daily Farther Down the Rabbit Hole series. These deal with the sexual abuse/blessing bestowed/demanded by the guru/political leader. Also in the series are important videos on our health care clinical trial industry. The good news she says is you're not as sick as you were told, the bad news is now you have to navigate around possibly well meaning but not useful (and even lethal) health/spiritual care givers. This information runs from sexy to critical for survival.


Farther Down the Rabbit Hole featured a special week dedicated to Bhagavan Das, the American Yogi who introduced Ram Das to his Guru. " What took me to India was the bullet that went through JFK's skull. The velocity of that bullet threw me across the Pacific ocean onto my spiritual quest because I knew that that was a conspiracy and I knew that America was full of ___!" Many years later on Sept. 11, 2001, he would be one of the eye-witnesses (never bothered to watch the TV) of the demolition of the World Trade Center. True to serious spiritual practice (that removes illusion) he was never fooled for a second. Fun interview FDRH Bhagavan Das interview


Wrap-up of Bhagavan Das interview: "Does Religious Practice Decondition Us or Does it Recondition Us?" A juxtaposition of a short interview done in Union Square (Paula Gloria is there every Wednesday) with comments made by Bhagavan Das taking two opposite approaches to JFK's assassination illuminating the importance of spiritual practice.


Michael Ellner on Health Care Corruption (pt1) and Michael Ellner on Health Care Corruption (pt2)

The drug companies stack the deck against impartial clinical trials. Despite the Freedom of Information Act entitling citizens to the results NOT ONCE have the details (how the studies were set up, methods under which they were conducted etc) been released to the public. Huge implications to our daily health choices.


Wrap-up After Michael Ellner

Addressing her own father's bone cancer, Paula Gloria attempts to draw together politics and spirituality to provide the power needed to heal cancer and mass hypnosis. Clinical trial results that favor the pharmaceuticals put the general population at tremendous lethal risk. Knowing False Flag Terror mentality helps us understand health care terror. All terror ends with knowledge and clarity about simple facts.


General Scobie and Chemotherapy

"Side Effect" is a misnomer. Horrible deaths in today's health care are in truth the "Direct Effect" of drugs brought to market and taught in Universities to be prescribed all according to a pharmaceutical agenda that can buy a lot more politician than you or I. General Scobie was the man who was supposed to have protected Greece after WWII. Since Paula's father was born in Greece this show is an attempt to discover if false flag terrorism could create terror that numbs our ability to see through the illusion of sickness and into health. This work starts where family constellation work leaves off or cannot explain the results.


Divine Weapons pt 1 and Divine Weapons pt 2

In the Mahabharata Arjuna, the great hero on the side of truth and justice is advised to acquire divine weapons through spiritual penance to Lord Shiva. This knowledge is relevant to today when the common person cannot get the protection from politicians beholden to pharmaceutical interest thus allowing so-called healing drugs onto the market and thus killing us. Where do we get the divine weapons we need today?


The original program that was aired in 1999 as a Call-in Show with Frank Craven- Sex Slavery in the White house


After seven years Paula Gloria and Frank Craven do another show. This one introduces a week (possibly two) of understanding pedophilia, getting beyond abuse and cultivating compassion. Paula Gloria's four year stint in India was motivated by a talk given at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in 1999 where she heard an ex sex slave, Cathy O'Brien talk about her horrific life and the process of mind control over ALL the masses (through the TV, media and advertising that goes right into your own bedroom). She followed the promise of enlightenment and higher awareness to dispel it, the possibilitiy of masters, true masters to awaken those of us who care enough to look deeper. This topic allows us to send forth a sincere call to those masters qualified to help us. The sincerity of our hearts will determine the good from the bad and qualify us to understand these terrible crimes so we can stop the sacrifice of our children


January 24th on Manhattan Neighborhood Network channel 34 at 11:30 am

Join a candle lit evening with Paula Gloria as she shares a great gift she found at Union Square. A story that a young woman sold for $2 turned out to be the key for Paula to finally present sexuality on the spiritual path and unfold interviews done seven years ago with Ullrich Zimmermann. His sexual encounters with Satya Sai Baba, one of India biggest gurus is considered by some a profound blessing and by others flat abuse. This shows presents the importance of art in determining how to navigate through the process of human evolution


January 25th on channel 34 at 11:30 am in Manhattan

Shirley Temple and Pedophilia

In laying the ground to play Ullrich Zimmermann's sexual encounters with one of India's biggest gurus Paula Gloria examines what society buries ever with an eye to address the several hundred thousand missing children in this country alone!


January 26th on channel 34 at 11:30 am in Manhattan

Webster Tarpley and the Pedophile Cabal in Omaha Nebraska

Join Paula Gloria on "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole", Manhattan's hottest new daily Public Access TV show, and Webster Tarpley, expert on International Terrorism and author of the best selling book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror - Made in USA, on the importance of understanding the danger of a cabal in Washington DC, pedophilia and why blackmailable politicians are so dangerous to not only the children they abuse but all of us.


January 26th on channel 34 at 9:30 pm in Manhattan Sunrise Meditation on Frank Craven's "What's Ailing/Healing

US America? www.Frank This show is about both healing as well as political wrongdoing in America and captures Paula Gloria's sunrise spiritual practice accurately and continues with an excerpt from an interview with a 9/11 First Responder and explores a slide show of Dr. Emoto's Messages from Water, it's amazing how prayer/intention can alter the cellular pattern of water.



For more information about these programs email Paula at [email protected]

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Wow u tube is that pop now? This new media is great! I love it.


That Bhagavan Das interview is SWEET -check it out. I look forward to seeing the JJ Hurtak one too, and esoteric astrology? DOPE!

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