Experimenting to get the Truth

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I'd like to lay out a few experiments we could do to get a handle on unbiased<or less biased> reality. In my personal section I had a recipe that used the microwave oven <Paleo chocolate, almond, banana muffins>. Someone pointed out cavemen didn't use such ovens and that microwaves were inherently unhealthy. He had a link to a site that had information.


Experiment 1.

I looked at the site<& others pro and against> and told him, it seemed like ludite paranoia. However web page had an experiment done by the mans granddaughter. Two bean plants, once they had a few leaves one was fed water the other with microwaved water, in 9 days the microwave fed one was shriveled and leafless. I doubt this and would like to see it replicated. I suppose there could be a control using boiled water as a third, since heating water up tends to drop the oxygen level in it.


Experiment 2.

There are even more implications in the next one. In Emoto's book 'Wonders of Water' <something like that> he mentioned an experiment with rice. Put cooked white rice into two sealed containers. One had happy positive words, the other negative and insulting. In time the positive glass looked and smelled fresh, the bad evil nasty stupid rice container was rotted and spoiled. I'd like to see this test done and documented.


Beyond these two, what experiments are We doing? With our practices and our lives. I've enjoyed reading Timothy Ferriss books on self experimentation same w/ A. J. Jacobs books that encompass his various 1 year explorations ie Drop Dead Healthy, Year of Living Biblically etc.,


P.S I don't mean to debate the matter. I want Science, I want personal experiments, might even do one myself. Cause in both cases I'm very skeptical, but it would be cool to be proved wrong, especially on the rice experiment, cause it does have the possibility to shift ones paradigms.

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