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Highway to the brain

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I've been practicing for some months with sex energy (I did it before with prana for years) and I do feel it moving from my penis/testicles down muladara and up the start of the spine. Precisely in that part, the lower side of the spine, I feel a great energy bunch which massages that zone and which produces orgasm-like sensations. Really weird, really interesting.


My major problem is to ascend it. It depends on the day. If I help the energy with the breathing it tends to go upwards, but other way it seems to get stagnated there (till I feel a great-great fire). I've tested laid down and sat down; and laid down I have more control (don't know if someone else has practiced that way).


The times I've gather enough energy inside my head I think I've felt some kind of orgasm. I mean, I've felt a massage, an itch, a tingling like sensation. My eyes were "filled up", and the massaging feeling followed the energy as I moved it down again (to the navel).


Once I did the same exercise, but instead of generating sex energy stimulating directly my pennis I did it with the help of the PC muscle. Very slowly I got sexually aroused, but I think my entire body participated in that excitation. After some time I was very full of energy, till a point in which I felt light headed. The rear part of my penis was full of sparks, and I had to control it a lot not to cum.


I'd like some insight from you all to know if I'm doing it correctly and to hear about some tips not to get stagnated.


Thanks in advance, dudes.

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