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Inner heat book review

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Just read several positive reviews of "Bliss of Inner Fire" re: Naropa's 6 Yogas. It is the most chatty and easy to read account of Tsongkapa's work. Looks cool.


I'm still behind on my reading. Next in line is Gene Savoy's "Project X: Search for the secrets of immortality" Gene is a famous South American explorer who became inspired to become a sungazing high priest from his Peruvian explorations and meetings with shamans. The reviews say that it's half adventure story, some philosophical speculation but the rubber never meets the road for practical applications. He claimed that sungazing leads to physical immortality but I'm thinking that belief may be fading as he approaches 80 years old.


Any academic types might be interested in amazoning for "reginald ray" his works on Tibetan Buddhism are excellent, practitioner friendly... but scholarly so you have to be pretty serious on the subject to crack those tomes open.



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