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deci belle

Nondiscriminating Awareness

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Nondiscriminating Awareness


Uphold the perspective that is accomplished neither through striving nor through influences beyond selfless awareness. It is just one's own ordinary mind before the first thought.


Just this is one's true identity reaching through mundanity before time right now as illuminating presence. One simply does not have cause for speculating in temporal manifestations in fear of missing out on particulars. Instead, one rests in the temporal perspective described as the perpetual result where spontaneity is the natural and selfless response to conditions. This is readiness without cause or reason.


It is one's personal affair. In giving of oneself, other is host; whereas enlightening being responds with precision. Though the guest has it hard, there is no effort. No one else is the wiser, yet all believe the cause is up to the individual. Since enlightening being is the result of causelessness, one acts without acting, outside of karmic evolution.


In alchemic terms, this is taking over creation outside of the created cycles of yin and yang whereby, coeval with the creative, one steals potential and restores it to the essence of creation which is unborn. The function of the way is in return. One either follows the tao in reverse or goes along with creation. It's up to you.


As enlightening being, the incalculable period has no duration since celestial timing is outside times. It is an inconceivable vessel. In ordinary time, processes may be short or long. In terms of celestial timing, there is nothing to keep track of; everything is a natural affair as one follows the bellows of the creative. One goes along with the respiration of the natural tao. One follows desire without stepping over the line in order to introduce guidance. One controls evolution without being controlled oneself. It is described as selfless adaption, but no one knows. Adapting to conditions couldn't be more natural, so no one notices.


The incalculable period is just a reference to that which has no duration, beginning, result, gain or loss. One is abiding in perpetuity not so much in the midst of temporal situations, but as is— all without distinguishing concretions such as one's apparent physical, psychological and psychic states from others' states. One takes all into account without bias or inclination; assessing objectively and responding impersonally to conditions.


This is no different than personally actualizing the term "entering the tao in reality", where the parallel mystical vision of the flowing pearl hangs in the void; the great tai chi revolves hovering in stillness; the great wheel of the flux of creation spins in subsuming vortex once one has set it in motion as an enlightening being beyond the confines of creation— a match for creation; a partner in the celestial design. It is entry into the inconceivable~ but not apart from one's ordinary mind. The very same mind of one's individual personality quirks and selfless potential flows seamlessly within and without created sensory perception. This is marvelous miraculous aware presence. Enlightening being does not differentiate between mundane and absolute; one simply does not act out of compulsion: this is the Virtue of the Receptive.


This is your own mind functioning in perpetuity in the Unborn right now. There are those who aspire to this recondite perspective glowing unknowing before a single thought occurs.





ed note: Tweak title; add coma before " outside of karmic evolution", end of third paragraph; add "one simply does not act out of compulsion: this is the Virtue of the Receptive" in the penultimate paragraph

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