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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Amazon has a free ebook download of a fiction novel based on a Chinese theme. I'm not sure it's strictly Taoist as it seems to lean more toward Zen ideas than Taoist ones but thought I'd share the link here anyway.


The free offer is only for a limited time.


Dreams of the Immortal



What if a teenage outcast on the verge of suicide discovered he was the reincarnation of one of the Eight Immortals of Chinese folklore?


In Dreams of the Immortal, Alex Bennett makes this discovery and is thrust into a battle between ancient Chinese gods for a sword that disappeared when he was murdered in his last life.


Now, Alex is the only person who can know where that sword is. The only problem is that he has no memory of the sword or of his prior existence. It is only by learning to let go of the artifice of mind and body that Alex has built in this life, that he can hope to rediscover his original self, find the sword, defeat a hidden enemy, and reclaim a stolen love.


Ultimately, Alex learns that only by waking from the dream of life may one become truly immortal.

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