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Hi. New here.

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Hi, I'm new here but since some time I've visited the site as a guest.

Im from buenos aires, and a Kung Fu newbie.

Im interesed on sexual energy sublimation since a long time. Kung fu is a way to do some exercise, get in shape, and discharge some tension.


My main concern is about doing some tao exercises to stop nocturnal emissions, currently im having them every saturday or sunday. Im now focusing on doing the deer. And the next step contracting the pc muscle, as in

The troubles im getting after contracting, is that i have pressure/mild headache, on the nape/neck zone, i feel some tiredness on the eyes, and i think get a mild black spots arround the eyes, doing it on the morning, makes me tired.


im forcing it too much? How can i do it properly ? how about this mantak chia version.


Is there any other exercise, that would put me on shape, locking this energy loss, without being too genital locally?


Forgot to mention, currently im sex abstinent, about some months, and a last period of 1 year (never got rid of the nocturnal emissions every 10/12 days). The only way im doing it is through some whorehouses, but lastly im bothered of that, and im focusing on learning some sexual taoism, to restore energies, and get the mind focused.


Thanks to all.

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