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  1. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    I think this is the answer that i was looking for. Some Taoists talk a lot about the cultivation of energy, purity, etc. I think that beyond surrounding yourself with emotionally disparate people, there is no exchange on an energetic level that can produce a problem like kundalini syndrome, the mental issues have more to do with what the mind creates. Some schools of tantra curse black tantra.
  2. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    dating apps function like that, you know people only superficially, you could have a mask in front of you. i know dealing with that kind of people could be dangerous, but what happens in an energetic level, if you only date them 1, 2 times.
  3. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    why, because the can be trublesome? how do you if they are mentally ill, if you just chatted a few words virtually
  4. Reading materials from various parts about sexual alchemy. I always hear about the importance of not having sex with mentally unbalanced people. Promiscuity is a current form of relationship, people only think about establishing a bond after having sex. We can see the trending use of fast dating platforms like happn, tinder, grindr, etc. What is the way to protect oneself from the energy pollution of others' energies? Specially thinking about the root chakras, anal sex, etc.
  5. I really really appreciate your answer. There is no bad/good martial/inner arts. Only bad/good martial/inner artists. Thanks.
  6. I practice Choy lee fut (southern style). My Sifu, school has lohan qi gong (buddhist qi gong), but the main issue that i have is incompatible schedule. So im interested in some taoist point of view about chi kung, to know what are the differences,
  7. Hi, i practice kung fu. And i am searching, for a more internal discipline to compliment. Im currently looking between Taoist Chi kung, Buddhist Chi kung or yoga. I know some differences between taoist, and buddhist breathing. Taoist contracts abdomen on inhale and expands on exhale. Buddhist expands abdomen on inhale, and contracts on exhale. But i dont know how this affect Chi circulation, ying/yang principles. Microcosmic/Macrocosmic orbit circulation. I feel taoist breathing more yang than ying because it energizes me more than relaxes me (which i feel on buddhist breathing). I mention yoga, because prior to feeling the circulations, im all over muscular tension, and i feel that before i need to work this energy blockages, this shield that is created by emotional tensions. Example: shoulder, hip openers. What i dont like about yoga, is that i dont perceive (maybe is just my ignorance), a fundamental principle that is comprehensive from a rational point of view, i feel it more god based, religious. Is there some analogy between chi circulation orbits, and prana circulation? Other possibility is doing zazen/kinhin, but i feel that im not ready mentally. Chi kung works proggresively. body, mind, spiritual centers. For Example Lohan Chi Kung: Sap Bak Lohan (energy circulation, body). Siu Lohan (mind circulation, energy from body to mind) Dai Lohan (mind to spirit, meditation) I feel yoga works more on body, and spiritual centers. and zen on mind, spiritual centers. I feel zen is not the answer yet, because i have a troublesome personality/physical-emotions manifestations to resolv first. Japanese are more propense to zen, because they have born/rised/act, in the zen way of life, or this prior western cultural invasion. I find zen, simple as perfection, but i dont feel im ready. Is there a chi kung, that centers on body tension blockages like yoga?
  8. Hi. New here.

    Hi, I'm new here but since some time I've visited the site as a guest. Im from buenos aires, and a Kung Fu newbie. Im interesed on sexual energy sublimation since a long time. Kung fu is a way to do some exercise, get in shape, and discharge some tension. My main concern is about doing some tao exercises to stop nocturnal emissions, currently im having them every saturday or sunday. Im now focusing on doing the deer. And the next step contracting the pc muscle, as in http://www.amazon.co...s/dp/0942196066 The troubles im getting after contracting, is that i have pressure/mild headache, on the nape/neck zone, i feel some tiredness on the eyes, and i think get a mild black spots arround the eyes, doing it on the morning, makes me tired. im forcing it too much? How can i do it properly ? how about this mantak chia version. Is there any other exercise, that would put me on shape, locking this energy loss, without being too genital locally? Forgot to mention, currently im sex abstinent, about some months, and a last period of 1 year (never got rid of the nocturnal emissions every 10/12 days). The only way im doing it is through some whorehouses, but lastly im bothered of that, and im focusing on learning some sexual taoism, to restore energies, and get the mind focused. Thanks to all.