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deci belle

The Yellow Emperor did this.

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The Yellow Emperor did this for 100 days.


Do you know what he did for 100 days?


Do you know what was the result?


Have you accomplished what he did?


Do you believe that it is completely up to you?


It's easy to find out.


100 days is all it took to accomplish.


The mythical is reached by your body alone.


The Yellow Emperor only had to stop.


Do you know the secret of stopping?


Those who's own mental conceits consider the mention of secrets intolerable…


In terms of stopping, what's the big secret?


Even if you know, can you carry it out in the midst of ordinary affairs?


The mythical is reached with your body in no time at all.


What's 100 days to your mind?


For most of you, 100 days might as well be eternity.


Eternity takes an instant to traverse; but who knows how far one goes in 100 days?


The Yellow Emperor did this in 100 days.


Are you up to realizing your own mythical existence.


When you see it once, you see it forever.

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