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Cosmic Light/LUX- Science Proves it Can Activate/Implant Memories

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Tapping into Akashic records, discovering past lives and knowing future lifetimes.


Absorbing knowledge, from living a simultaneous life time, somewhere else [right now!]- & receiving/transmitting a point of reference/focus

"The research raises the possibility that humans could be made to remember things that have not happened - or even 'taught' whole new skills using electronics or chemistry.

One technique used a drug to 'turn on' a memory of a different room in mice - making them remember a 'safer' room while in one where they had been given electric shocks.

The other technique used pulses of light delivered to cells in a mouse's brain.

'The expression of a specific memory, can be generated in a mammal by highly specific physical activation of a specific small population of brain cells,' says Susumu Tonegawa, Professor of Biology and Neuroscience at MIT.


Tonegawa's team used a light-activated protein to 'tag' the tiny group of cells a memory appeared in as mice were given electric shocks in a new environment.


The researchers found that they could trigger the same reaction again simply by applying light to the group of cells.

The brain cells 'switched on' and the mice immediately went into a defensive crouch."

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