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Deep Breath

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ok so i am reading it everywhere


take a slow deep breath but still i dont understand how to do it


its like i can take two type of breaths


one is where my breath can be heard and i have to move my shoulders up to expand the chest, this type of breath feels satisfying


second is where i just inhale without any noticeable sound and let my belly extend


this one is not satisfying and my chest doesnt expand, and its not very long breath, its kinda small


when someone says, take a slow deep breath, what type of breathing is he referring to......? may be there is a third type too


a video might be helpful

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deep breathing usually refers to diaphramic movement. As i have learned breathing, the diaphram is the first gate of deep breathing. The second gate is the dan tian, and once the breath is that deep, the third is the perineum. That is to say, that the breath should make the perineum feel like it is expanding and contracting on inbreath and outbreath. That is the way my qigong teacher taught deep breathing.


All three of those usually take mindfulness and effort at first, and with training, sometimes years of, can become automatic.


"the sages of old breathed from their heels" -chuang tzu

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