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The 'My Reincarnation' docco...

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OK, so i just watched the docco 'My reincarnation' about yeshi, who is ChNNR's son.



It was very interesting, as is filmed over 20 years, detailing a 'boy to mans' journey of relationship with his father - a well known Dzogchen Master...


I am interested to hear anyone's impressions about the docco?



I was very Impressed as it showed the humanness of everyone involved, especially of Namkai himself.

I know a lot of his students hold him up a very High pedestal, and I am in no way disputing that, but he is also very very human.


I think it is great that there are more things like this coming out, that reveal the 'human' side of teachers that start to be Inflated to near mythical proportions...


What do you all think? :)

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I had similar impressions. Very down to earth and strong ties to his lineage. At times he just seems overly burdened. I did think he was too...human. Not necessarily in the good way. He didn't even seem that happy especially in the later years.


I really don't think he is as enlightened as his followers make him out to be. Or he reveals very little of the depth of what he knows. My impressions from meeting him or his students wasn't, "wow, I want to be enlightened like that." I see him more as someone carrying the mantle from his teachers, with an enormous tradition backing him.


But who knows. My field of vision is limited. He might be a truly enlightened siddha.

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