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I love running once or twice a week. Otherwise I do a lot of cycling. I keep it seperate from my qigong. At least saving it till after so my heart rate is slow and calm while doing qigong.

I love running and being outdoors. Opens my lungs and sinuses and mind. Warms up my whole body!

I like running trails a LOT!

I tried the barefoot running style but it was not for me. I like the chi running style as it's more of a midfoot strike. I feel that for me at least, there is a natural foot placement that happens depending on speed and terrain. When I'm walking I naturally roll heel to toe. When I run at a steady pace I naturally midfoot strike, and when I sprint I move up to the balls of my feet.

Sometimes I'll send the Orbit around while I'm running. Almost imagining it like being on a hampster wheel! :-p

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