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Another Korra Thread

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I wanted to write these things down as they were happening but I wanted to things to calm down first, but then I got confused

According to legend, The Last Airbender had three seasons with Legend of Korra being kind of a fourth season with the Air element thing

The peoples all over the universe liked the first season of Korra and then it was decided to make one more season

Then the fandom yelled something about something else

Then I got confused about the number of seasons ordered

Then the unimaginable happened,

The show got more seasons and more episodes planed for it, with the episodes aired it's going to have 52 episodes in total


The creators heard about the show not being spiritual enough and so the second season is going to be called Spirits and is going to have 14 episodes... in 2013




Showcasing one of these evil spirit thingies



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