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Centering within the paradox

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Being and non-being is the ultimate polarity. When you merge the two, you will realize they have never been diffrent. Totally the same thing.


Non-being does not exist. All that you think that does not exists, exists. There is no room in non-existance for things to exist in. So they exist within existance, because there is only one existance: EXISTANCE!


That which you think of being or existing: does not exist. There can only be one. One being, one existance. No comparison. What you think that exists, does not exist, because it is not existance itself. It is a part of existance, not existance in its TOTALITY. And "part of existance" does NOT exist. There is only existance. Part of existance is not existance and it does not exist. It is not what is.


When you surrender who you are, you are actually surrendering that which is not. What you think you are, is not what is. It is part of what is. Thus, surrendering who you are you, paradoxically, become more of who you are.


Surrendering who you are, you become more of who you are not. You become more "nothing." Nothing and that which you "are not" does NOT EXIST! All exists. So surrendering who you are, so you can be what you are not, is actually surrendering who you are not, so you can become who you are. Existance itself. This is why everyone says "die to the ego, surrender the ego, surrender the self, etc"


So surrendering is simply letting go of your tight grip on non-existing, illusionary idea of "the part of all that is" that you have come to identify with and rising into that which you truely are. All of existance, everything. Surrendering into nothing. For nothing is just unperceived by you, and it exists. There is no room in non-existance for the things, you have not seen, to exist in. Non-existance itself does not even exist. Thus, everything exists and you will realize this when you surrender who you are. For everything that is does not exist, because there can only be one existance.


Surrender is an act of non-action. It is perceiving the unperceived and seeing the unseen. It is becoming conscious of the unconscious. Expansion into nothing.


How come this is possible? Because the person who surrenders know that there exists no such thing as: unperceived. There exists no such thing as unseen. There exists no such thing as unconscious. There exists no such thing as non-existance. There is no such thing as non-being. There is no such thing as non-action. Surrendering your action is the expansion of your action. Surrendering your being cis the expansion of your being.


All that is exists, and that is all it needs to be. As one, there is no comparison to it and it does not exist. Being one, you cannot be one. For if you are one, you are none. You are one, as existance. Waking up to the fact that you do not exist. The surrender of the self is the only way to reach the true self that does not exists. It is existance itself. As one, being none. As none, being one. Non-existance, loving existance into being. Existance, surrendering its self into non-being. Both simultaneously. This is law of creation.


It is merging the feminine of your being and masculine of your non-being, so that you become unconditional love itself. That is what merging the yin and yang is all about. Unconditional love. True love. True surrender. Surrender being a non-dual act of non-action.


The feminine is the master of surrendering to the non-being and become more of all that is not. Thus, it is masculine.

The masculine is master of loving the being and becoming more of all that it is. Thus, it is feminine.

Non-being and being rise from none and another, simultaneously.

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