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'...But here’s the important esoteric bit, expressed well in this quote from author John Barth’s novel Chimera:

“The key to the treasure is the treasure.”...

There is only, really, one option: nothing becomes “all this” by virtue of a distinction.


Now, you’ll have to stay close as we proceed on this journey, because what we are doing here is trying to illuminate not creation, but the illumination that illuminates creation. We are trying to describe not simply what can possibly be talked about (the “all this”), but are attempting, rather, to describe describing. At its heart, this is ultimately an esoteric task, not a philosophical one.


So to begin: the first distinction is THAT OF distinction. As we find out in the very last sentence of the last “official” chapter (before the lengthy notes),


LoF p. 76


“We see now that the first distinction, the mark, and the observer are not only interchangeable, but, in the form, identical.” '


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