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I just noticed

I think all the movies got uploaded a year ago or something but whatever

So many movies and they are free, like, really free and not in illegal way


Old Russian movies in Russian but since it's youtube, you can turn on close captions

With that CC button thingy

Here I left a link with most viewed videos and since they're most viewed, they must be good


Just saying for these who are interested in movies, and I think most of them can be fitted into that enlightened movies thread but that would be a pain


Ok, I recommend for a start this

and this

Both are comedies but the first one is a bunch of short stories while the second one is a big movie


This one

is an action flick but it has a different pace from all these westerner films


Don't want to give all the good stuff away or else it would be boring

But then not all movies have captions, only these that have English names

Like this one

and this one


I don't think there will be much of a culture shock from trying to understand the movies

This one is about New Year which is celebrated like Christmas


Hold on, this movie has captions but you can't tell from the name


Oh, and some movies have parts so you will have to look for the second one yourself if you liked the first one


JUST SAYING!!! :lol:

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