How i see existence

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Source - God/Tao/What Have You


Immortal Soul

  • An identical replicate of the source contained in the form of a soul
  • It has all the potential of the source
  • We each have one
  • It's potential can be manifested by the physical soul through the interface
  • It retains all information from the physical soul

The Interface

  • A feedback link that conveys the experience of the physical soul (p) to the immortal soul (i)
  • It starts out as a narrow tube, but expands and contracts proportionately to the positive accumulation of (p) and vice-versa, thus allowing the capacity for a greater/lesser manifestation of the potential of (i)
  • When the size of the interface is equal to that of the immortal soul (Human 100%), the (p) and (i) merge into one and you become a conscious manifestation of your immortal soul i.e.: unite with Tao/God.


  • A free-for-all sandbox playground regulated by karma in which the immortal soul can challenge the virtues of the physical soul and the emotions of the mind and body with the aim of increasing the "bandwidth" of the interface. Depending on the positive quality of (p) and the mind one will take advantage of these "evolutional opportunities" selfishly or benevolently, thus moving his place up or down the percentage ladder



Thinking of this i came to the same conclusion that others have. How then does one creature so far down on the evolution ladder, move up? What must a snail do as it were? Lay down a perfect trail of slime? Should a dog dig the perfect hole for its bone? I realized then that, there is no hope for creatures that far down. In fact, sub-human existence is a punishment for accumulated negative karma, and in a sense there is no moving up by way of good deeds. You simply must endure your time in that realm until the karma is equivalently burnt away.


When this happens you move up the ladder, so if you were a ghost, you will become an animal and if you were an animal you will become a human next.


When a new immortal soul is born from the Tao, its first manifestation within our reality is always that of a human at 0%, because the human is the only form which offers bi-laterally neutral potential. You can go perfectly up or perfectly down depending on circumstances and how your mind takes advantage of them.


The physical soul on it's own is not conscious, so it does not DO. No. The physical mind is in charge of doing and deciding. The physical soul (p) is simply like a recorder. It records and sends information through the interface to the immortal soul and the immortal soul re-configures the interface size based on the information received.


I think because of this, that for a brand new immortal soul, which is experiencing it's first manifestation in the physical realm it is extremely important that the mind of the body is in an environment where it can be influenced positively. That is to say that, if a brand new soul grows up in a "evil" family, it will be difficult to realign in no matter how many "challenges" the immortal soul manifests through the interface for the mind to take advantage of. This answers my question as to why some people seem to be inherently evil, even from child birth. This may be a soul which has burned it's negative karma through suffering in the lower realms and is back up to the human plane for the first time in a long time. It may simply have too much evil habits recorded in the immortal soul and it will take a very strong alteration in the mind of the physical body before the creature can be set on the right path.


So i think it is.

Tao >> Immortal Soul <<Interface>> Physical Soul (Recorder) >> Physically Conscious Mind (Decision maker)


What do you guys think of this model. I have had a lot of questions that i have not been able to answer, but with this model everything comes together and nothing is left out.




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