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about taoism.. and what is taoist practice... there is a chapter in the tao te ching.. I forget which.. but it says, mainly, (what sticks in my mindoften)


'there may be gold and jade to fill the hall, but there are none who can keep them'.


I forget the rest, and I dont bother to look. you guys should either know or have a tao te ching handy if you are interested...


but to me, I've decided that one of the coolest things about the tao te ching is it teaches basic, simple alchemical lessons (ancient, Secret of the golden flower sort, not modern pop alchemy)...

anyways, that said, I personally think that they're not so much making a simple aphorism.. it's deeper than that, and is pointing out a alchenical secret... or opinion, rather...


'gold and jade' being qi.. jing... sort of thing you develope with nei gung. the 'hall' being he body, of course.


I am not sure, but I think it comes after-- 'to be overbearing is to bring calamity upon oneself...(or to go against the way)' or something like that.


of course, old taoism leans towards the passive, yin, techniques. supporting my opinion (at least to me)... not to mention the other passages saying things like, 'to control the breath is to be violent', and the basic wu-wei and te teachings. that is all secret of the golden flower stuff.


I dont know I just felt like saying something. whenever I think about great, or at least half-decent, qigong teachers all this comes to mind.

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