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Nei Jia, Qi Kung and Meditation Seminar in Ohio

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What: South Central Ohio Three Temples (San Szu) Internal Martial Arts Seminars!


  • Meditation
  • Qi Kung
  • Healing
  • Nei Jia Internal Kung Fu Systems
  • T'aiji (T'ai Chi)
  • Xingyi (Hsing I)
  • Bagua (Pa Kua)


Where: Yellow Springs, and Dayton OH


When: The third weekend of May (18th-20th)


How long: A total of 12-18 hours of intensive training per seminar.


Cost: $313 if you pre-register. $360 at the seminar if you have not pre-paid.


Write for more information or to register for the May Seminar.


If you are from outside of the Ohio area, lodging will be provided for you! We train together and hang out together. The EXPERIENCE is WORTH THE TRIP!


PM me if you're down.


Peace in. Peace out.

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