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  1. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    As you know PureTruth01, from our conversation, i did not make that website. Many people are aware of this. A fellow student named Arman made the site and i would assume that is the test site he had it up on before a domain name was registered for it. As i've said, i want absolute no part of the seemingly endless drama that surrounds Mo Pai. i do incorporate Mo Pai into the many systems that i practice, but beyond doing fairly normal sitting meditation at the end of Kung Fu training, and doing Iron Wire, i have no attachment to the system, it is one of many that i have studied. i will further write to the website and content creator and ask him to take his test site version of it down. Again, i did not make the site and he was only acting to try to promote his teacher like i was by editing and designing for him otherwise. i'm afraid beyond interceding in this capacity, i have no interest in Mo Pai conversations or who is mad at who for what reasons. This is precisely why i am not attached to Mo Pai, because as much as i am grateful for having learned methods from it, there seems to be a darkness that surrounds its practice. i do not blame this on an ancestor or the headmaster of the school, i blame it on a quest for power and ego, perhaps mostly from people in the west. i want no part of that. Peace and Love to you all.
  2. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    i did not make the website. Another of Shifu's students did. Shifu did not ask him to. I have no interest in this drama whatsoever, or in further editing or designing for any works to promote one of many of my teachers. I tried to promote my teacher, as the website designer did too. As a gesture of good faith and to squash any dissension and contentiousness with any and all parties, i will certainly contact the website designer and ask him to take it down. Peace and Love to you all.
  3. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    It would be because they are lying. That PDF was circulating on various forums before it was taken down. It had nothing to do with Shifu and certainly nothing to do with me. Again, you can in-box me for screen shots of me warning Jim that there were people hacking Shifu, hacking me, and that they were almost certainly going to hack him if he didn't secure his account on gmail with a two-step verification. Again, as much as i am trying to be helpful, i simply cannot respond to every piece of gossip and accusation, especially when it likely originates from people trying to create drama and dissension to keep Westerners out. Peace (and still... Love).
  4. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    This is precisely what i mean. People who want conflict will conflict no matter what you say. If Shifu ever signed letters, i don't recall receiving one. The letters edited for his books by students added "Sincerely Shifu Lin" to them, or whatever it in fact says. They were also edited for incorrect English and paragraph spacing. Again, whatever you are talking about, it makes no sense that my name would be signed to anything since i do not sign my name. Anyone who has corresponded with me can see that i always sign "Peace" or some variation, as so many others i know do. In fact, Shifu was one who got me in this habit with letters that i received from him which have said ancient Taoist greating that included the word "peace" in Chinese. If there are people here claiming to be from Indonesia, i would suggest that they simply don't know everyone that John and YK taught, since - after all - YK was estranged from John for a long time. Shifu has always maintained that this was his primary teacher. What i mean about YK's name is that Jim did not know YK's full name. i still don't think he does know his entire three-character name (or John's for that matter). It seems odd that this accusation would come about now. As well, Jim confirmed many times that he Shifu proved to him that he knew Jim's leve and beyond. How on Earth would that have been something i would have known? In any event, this sort of dark drama that people who fixate on Mo Pai always seem involved in is nothing i want a part of. i do not need to orchestrate a "false school" as someone else, i have a real world school. i'm perfectly content with that. i am also content to if you don't believe Shifu Lin is legit. Jim, however, believed otherwise. Anyone who wishes to see these emails where he attested to this can email me. i have no desire to carry on such a drama and conflict here. That is not Wu Wei, and it is not anything i recognize as Taoism. Nevertheless, i wish you peace. i simply cannot make it my full time job to respond here to every single rumor or piece of gossip that "he said she said." It's not possible, and it's not something that i feel is aligned with Taoism, or even with the guidelines of how this community is supposed to operate. As i said, i am available to contact directly. Peace and Love.
  5. 8 Brocades

    i do the old set of Baduanjin usually every day in the morning. It's a great set. i also do a sitting set from the famous master Li (famous for his alleged old-age), through my Xingyi line. It bears no external similarities to the Qi Kung set, but it goes by the same name. i usually do that in association with genital weight qi kung training. It's very good, but very different than the standing, classical set. Do any of these long enough though and you'll get good results. Peace.
  6. Animal Flesh and the Fall of Man.

    A vegetarian diet is very good for people cultivating qi. It is a difficult diet for everyone. It is best suited for a quasi-monastic approach. For men, it is very taxing if there is normal depletion of semen on a vegetarian diet. Peace.
  7. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    Seth, you said it. The fact of the matter is i do not get on message forums. i was reluctant to ever get on line for this very reason, back in the late 90s: because this is all the internet looked like to me. i would much rather be completely offline, but networking for my peace-building work makes the internet a useful tool. Other than that, i find the internet to be rather distracting. i came here to say what i said at the beginning of this letter, and that is that i wish Jim peace, i wish his students peace, i wish peace to people who slandered me in their attempts to get to the bottom of who Shifu is as well. i have no desire to stay on here arguing "he said-she said" nonsense. Jim's account was hacked and pictures of him were posted.... So why would i, why would Shifu, why would anyone who wants to protect the knowledge of the levels Jim was pictured performing hack his account and post those pictures? i'm sorry Jim's account was hacked. If anyone would like the emails where i warned Jim that i had been hacked that Shifu's first account that was set up was hacked and never recovered, and where i gave Jim steps to make sure he couldn't be hacked, like getting a gmail account and enabling two-step security, i can inbox those to anyone who really thinks this is a more important thing to focus on than personal development, training, and otherwise trying to heal the problems in this broken world, mend bridges and bringe about peace. As well, i can also inbox you emails from Jim attesting to the fact that Shifu demonstrated to Jim that he knew Jim's level and beyond. If you want to speculate after that, then do so amongst yourselves, but please leave me out of it. As i've stated before, Mo Pai is one small piece of the puzzle of my training. i do not personally believe in teaching it in isolation of other meditation and training. Shifu does. i don't. If you have contentions with him, take it up with him. Don't attack someone just for having helped promote his works. Again, i want no part of this endless drama, endless, constantly-evolving series of accusations born out a contentious way of looking at the world and the "other." None of this is Wu Wei. None of this is "Tao" anything. This is regular old ego-driven attacks, slander and gossip. Count me out. With that, i'm signing off, and can only imagine that numerous new attacks will emerge when i do. Those who wish to contact me can do so directly. Peace.
  8. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    Why i do not answer every specific allegation is because there are so many that i have seen here, and so few that have any basis in anything i can consider reality. i cannot make my full time job answering accusations, slander and personal attacks on a message forum, either against myself or my teacher. Again, i did not come here to continue drama but to emphasis that i am no part of it and want no part of it. Because some of what you said is stuff that i am hearing about for the first time, i will briefly answer. Anything beyond that i can be emailed. 1. Virtually no details about Shifu have been given. There are no details for anyone on here who claims to be from the Indonesian school to match. 2. i don't sign my emails. i usually say something in signing. Shifu usually doesn't sign either, or will sign other things. i've never seen him sign his name. i don't remember any letter i have ever signed to anyone with my signature either, unless to someone official. So if someone is saying this, it would seem they added it to a correspondence that i know nothing about. Anyone who has ever emailed me knows that i don't sign my name. If i was writing as Shifu why would i sign my name then all of a sudden? That seems bizarre in the extreme. 3. Because he has not in fact called attention to himself, he's called attention to the name that he writes under. That is why people have tried to put me in the spot light to "out" him. 4. "YK" is not what Jim said, Jim never knew this guy's name. i told him his name, having been told it by Shifu, Jim confirmed it. "YK" is the long time student of John's who was estranged from him then came back. That is who taught Shifu, as well as John. 5. No, there are more than dozens. Most who studied meditation with Shifu before did not know the term "Mo Pai." You seem to expect all of Shifu's face-to-face students to come on here and defend his pen name that he is deliberately writing under to conceal his face-to-face identity. This is a strange expectation. You've had other people confirm, one other besides the gentleman you mention, but that isn't enough. That's fine, believe Shifu or not, but leave me out of it. As i've said before, i am far too engrossed as a father and doctoral student spending nearly every waking moment building bridges between Jewish and Muslim communities for peace and reconciliation to be caught up in this drama. The nature of things like this are that one accusation is answered a new one comes. Email me if you have a question Peace and love.
  9. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    The poster "Justice" made up his account a week ago and then attacks people who have been here for years and says they are me. Bizarre and sad. i've never hacked into anyone's account, especially not Jim's. If he believes this, it is probably because he is not in his correct state of mind due to his cancer. i wish Jim the best, and i wish the anonymous poster "Justice" the best, even though he has continuously lied and slandered both me and my teacher, and deceptively edited excerpts from my Kung Fu school page to make it seem like i was suggesting that i have a "black sash" in Mo Pai, when in fact "black sash or equivalent" referred to the Kung Fu systems listed directly after that statement, rather than the meditation systems i have and continue to study (none of which have sash ranking systems). Again, whatever drama and or paranoia either Jim or his students have, that is between you all and perhaps even Shifu. It is no more my issue as designer and editor for Shifu, than it is Arman's as webdesigner, or anyone else's. Think of all the training you could have done while you were trying to goad me into conflict with you and Jim? Sad to see people crave turmoil, conflict and division so desperately. i want no part of it. Webmasters for this site can check IP history of all posters and see that i have not posted as anyone else, nor do i have time for such juvenile nonsense. Anyone who has further questions can email me or perhaps even call. i train several hours a day. i am not sick, in spite of being at level 2a of Mo Pai, in spite of being able to break bricks with any of my limbs, and lift over 150 lbs with my genitals. Mo Pai is one system i have learned and practice. Alone, i do not recommend it, nor do i want any part of the constant, dark drama that surrounds it and so many who gravitate towards it. Peace.
  10. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    As i said: "Even when someone is in the wrong, and when you know they are dishonoring your teacher and even you as well, it is easy to react at their level. Instead, it is an opportunity to rise above their patterns, which are in fact the very things that are harming their health. Souls in conflict want to draw others into that conflict, into their cycle of samsara... that is part of the test of this world, to rise above it and not get swept back into that samsaric illusion when it tries to pull you in... Please forgive me, but i want no part of the Mo Pai drama. i've learned what my teachers have taught me and that is that. But i do not practice Mo Pai as an exclusive path, nor do i list it as any more important than any other system of meditation that i study and practice." Still practice every day, several hours a day. Peace and Love.
  11. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    i can screen cap the image of Jim's letter any time. Simply inbox me. That quote is straight from Jim's letter to me and his misspellings are not my responsibility or fault any more than anything having to do with Shifu Lin. As noted, there are several people on here (who people know) who can and have attested to the fact that i am a student of Shifu's, and that he is a quite different individual than me. PureTruth spoke with me today and seems to have a good sense for what type of person i am. Whatever problems or contentions you may have with Jim or Shifu, leave me out of it. My only error was getting involved by making covers and editing works into more grammatically correct English. As far as my personal practice, the Nei Jia Kung Fu systems are what i focus on and teach. i teach my personal students meditation as well, but never teach anyone just Mo Pai, as i do not believe Mo Pai alone is an appropriate way to meditate. That is the conclusion that i have come to over years of practice. Even when someone is in the wrong, and when you know they are dishonoring your teacher and even you as well, it is easy to react at their level. Instead, it is an opportunity to rise above their patterns, which are in fact the very things that are harming their health. Souls in conflict want to draw others into that conflict, into their cycle of samsara... that is part of the test of this world, to rise above it and not get swept back into that samsaric illusion when it tries to pull you in. Please forgive me, but i want no part of the Mo Pai drama. i've learned what my teachers have taught me and that is that. But i do not practice Mo Pai as an exclusive path, nor do i list it as any more important than any other system of meditation that i study and practice. If anyone would like to learn T'aiji or Xingyi and eventually Bagua, i'm your guy. If you want to learn Mo Pai from me, you won't learn it isolation. You'll just be sitting down at the end of class, breathing to your dan tien. Now as much as many here might seem to desire otherwise, i'm afraid i will have to go spend time working on my doctoral thesis, which involves tangibly making the world a better place, and repairing bridges between conflicting Jewish and Muslim communities. Those who value conflict, anger, gossip and drama over peace, bridge-building and leaving the world a better place than we found it, you'll have to count me out. Peace and Love... even when it's hard.
  12. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    i don't doubt that those questions will come up. Why Shifu doesn't just say "Hey folks, i'm so-and-so," is precisely because it would harm his relationship with the school. Had i known i would become the target of attack by people who doubted him by designing covers for him, editing, and so on, i honestly would not have gotten involved. i find it hurtful and sad that personal attacks were lobbed at me because of people doubting his story. i don't necessarily blame you for doubting that he is legit. i can only say, look at Jim's own words about him and contact the people on this forum who have attested that he is most certainly not me. Other than that, i entitled this thread "Inner Peace and Nei Kung," because i believe meditation should bring us inner peace. i do not wish to get caught up in a thread defending someone who is one of several of my teachers. i am a father, husband, Kung Fu teacher with a lot of daily training, and a doctoral student. i honestly do not wish to spend my rare free moments with drama like this. Anyone who is interested in arguing about who Shifu is should bother Shifu. Please do not do something so ugly as make thread after thread of personal attacks towards me. Again, just scroll up and you will see Jim vouched that Shifu had knowledge of Mo Pai above and beyond what he had. There is no way that a non-Chinese Kung Fu teacher in Ohio, like myself, could have this knowledge. In spite of your attacks, and difficult as it may be, i honestly wish you peace. Peace and love. Micah David Naziri, 313.338.8613
  13. First and foremost, i must say that i have received numerous emails and phone calls from friends, fellow students of Mo Pai, and from my own Nei Jia Kung Fu students about all sorts of slander, gossip and even anti-semitism on this forum, directed towards me. Yes, my Kung Fu name is "Hern Heng." i have never made any secret about that. No, i am not Shifu Lin, and several people here who know better first hand have backed that up. Still, that has not stopped tabloid-like gossip from being spread by a handful of Jim's students. Sad and disheartening. My name is Micah David Naziri. My childrens' names are Naziri, and the community i am a part of and teach Nei Jia Kung Fu in all know me as Micah David Naziri. There is no conspiracy when a Western Kung Fu teacher lists their names on publications as their Chinese Kung Fu name. But, as i have seen here, this is due far more to the fact that i am Jewish than anything else. What easier target is there? What easier target has there ever been? One poster explained that they never met a real-live Jew before, and that what they read in this gossip column "confirmed all of the stereotypes" that what this forum is really about? Sad. This is why i do not waste time with message forums. The purpose of this is serious of attacks is obvious: attack me so much that my teacher is forced to "out" himself and defend me, or create a rift between he and i due to him not doing so. This reason is obvious to me because as someone who has known Jim for years and discussed Shifu Lin with him for as long, he has clearly stated that he knows my teacher - Jim's former teacher as well - is "the real deal." Rather than respond to every hateful accusation and slander on this forum, i will post what he has said himself, and leave it at that. No doubt several messages filled with hate, posting pictures lifted off of my private Facebook by Jim's students who i had no problem adding, will be posted with juvenile captions. That is, i suppose, what people of that spiritual caliber do and as much as i find it distasteful and ugly, there isn't really anything that i can do about it. "I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to help our cause. At this point, after talking to Sifu Lin, I am very hopeful once again.... I have now talked to Lin twice with much success in learning about his authority and feel astutelly confident he is the real thing! When you first approached me and mentioned your teacher," several years ago, "I have to admit I didn't believe and sort of tossed it aside because I hear what you said on a weekly basis from many people contacting me. They like to tell me about their teachers allegedly being able to do this or that, when they really can't do anything but the standard magic 'tricks' we are so used to seeing. Sifu Lin has verified several things to me about his connection with John and the training to the point I completely trust the man... He even told me some things he said he never told anyone else, which really took me by surprise. He is extremely personable, courteous and very caring. I can't think of a better person to be in his position. I wish Pak John was more like him. I am sure you have learned a lot of his history from the amount of time you've already had with him, which I am envious of… he seems to be very sensitive to my needs, which is really unusual, I'm not used to that." i have several letters from Jim along these lines. It seems he only came to disparage Shifu after Shifu stopped teaching him. i wish Jim the best. i wish his students the best. But the reality is Shifu proved to Jim that he knew above and beyond everything Jim learned from their teacher. i know Jim's going through hard times with his health, and i don't mean to bring negativity to him. When i first heard that he was speaking negatively about his kung fu brother in Mo Pai, i was very defensive of my teacher, but in discussing the matter with Shifu, i came to empathize with Jim. He is going through a hard transition. When i saw how his students slandered me, i just shook my head that this is the state of some people who claim to follow the Taoist path. It is really little wonder to my why the Indonesian school does not teach outside of the Chinese community any more. Peace.
  14. You do realize, "Mo Pai Guy," that neither Shifu, nor i, nor any other of his students have ever started a thread attacking Jim, even after Jim repeatedly wrote to Shifu for help, then refused to take his advice, including Shifu telling him the correct way to practice level 2b. i've seen these exchanges first hand, have copies of them, and Jim most certainly acknowledges that Shifu INDEED had corrected him on the way that John ORIGINALLY told Jim, but Jim refused to follow because it was too time consuming. It was only once Shifu refused to teach Jim anymore that Jim went down this path of disrespecting yet another person who he asked to teach him. At least Jim hasn't called Shifu a "demon" yet, as he has with the ancestors of the Mo Pai lineage. So we've established then that this is you all talking trash because of your cultic devotion to a man who was kicked out of Mo Pai, who John constantly dodges when he shows up at his house unannounced, and who most certainly did not injure his prostate and Kidneys in 'Nam. i rest my case. i leave you to your continual trash-talking. That's what people who do not DO do - they TALK.
  15. Virtually everything you've posted here is both false, and a perfect example of why i don't waste time with the Tao of Message Boards. i have NEVER said that i never met Shifu in person. i've met, trained with, had dinner with, paid for hotels for, driven etc. etc. Shifu since well before i even heard of Mo Pai. Based on your constant repeating of this bullshit, it's clear that you are one of Jim's students who is just sorry that he has wasted his time learning from someone who has destroyed their health with incorrect practice. Thus you feel the need to denigrate others in a text book case of "sour grapes." You also don't seem to pay attention to the fact that i've edited and in many cases transcribed most everything for Shifu. It's hardly surprising that his works and mine bear similar ways of being typed. Anyway, i leave you to further internet gossiping while your teacher slowly dies from his years of incorrect practice. Those interested in learning from Shifu Lin may contact me directly. Those interested in gossip that doesn't do anything but weaken you as human beings, i suppose you are in the right place. As well, that website was designed and written in its entirety by Arman, who lives several thousand miles from me. There are numerous individuals who know Shifu Lin's "identity," Arman is one of them, as is Ian from Erie who posts here, Jeremiah from Peoria, and others. i can't say i know all of there screen names, but i've certainly seen Ian comment on this on this very forum. But again, this isn't about Shifu, it's not about me, it's really about your teacher, his destroyed Kidneys, the catheters he has to use to urinate, and the incomplete training he has passed on to you and his other students. THAT is what it's really about; talking trash on anyone who might pull students away from him, whether Shifu or those promoting him.