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True Religions are nothing more than roadmaps of the Mind

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Someone posted this in another forum..

It is the all-pervaisve power structure on earth that thrives from making people think, subconsciously- that they are merely workers to a bigger machine. If you can show and do things that transcend all barriers and limitations (such as, manifest money in your life for real, or levitate) then you are instantly a threat to the entire establishment.


Even at a smaller scale, many Siddhas of the east were wiped for history for the capabilities, as were many gnostics (by the church) who could do similar things. It's kind of like the "hunger games" idea of giving people too much hope. Even some of the more modern Siddhis were people who suffered great things because of some of the things they publicly displayed.


Many of these techniques, methods, and incredible meditative methods (for example, the "Lost Word" which btw has been found) were lost due either to too much secrecy, or to being hunted down by those who wish to keep a leash on society (this is not conspiracy, but common sense)


In other-words, you do NOT want that kind of attention. I always hear skeptics say "well then why don't you go to Randi and make a million dollars" or "Go on live TV and show everyone." I don't mean to sound ridiculous, but you would either be dead before it happened- OR you would be ridiculed, discredited, and disinformed for the rest of your life. You all know how "dangerous" Occultism was to practice in the past.


Imagine the display of such obvious power and ability? The church may not control politics on an OUTER level (actually, the Vatican is one of the key players in all politics), but trust me- these types are still hunted down if the commotion they stir is too big.


If you could truly levitate, would you show the whole world? How would people look at you? Would you ever be able to live a normal life?

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This is why China destroyed so many spiritual teachings in the past. First the Qin Emperor's genocide followed by Mao Tze Dong's genocide.


This is also why the Vatican persecuted the various spiritual groups in the past. The Knight Templars for one as well as the Essenes.


Why else was Jesus crucified?


Btw, the level of spiritual ignorance in China is extremely high for the level of education which its university students possess..


Qigong is not counted as spiritual knowledge imho..


True spiritual knowledge explores the deepest recesses of the mind .. it explores how the seeds of karma are buried in the subsconcious and most importantly, how does one uses your mind to achieve Enlightenment..


The teachings of Enlightenment are sorely lacking in Modern Day China despite its rich spiritual history..


No thanks to the damn communists..


Imagine 1.6 billion spiritually ignorant people.. and you wonder why Earth is in such crazed state..


cos these 1.6 billion people are causing chaos on earth by being spiritually ignorant..

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