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  1. It is funny how everyone accepted a quote from a rather unknown author as the "truth" from the dalai lama's mouth without questioning its validity. As I said before, where's your proof Twinner? How many Buddhist priests have been charged or reported for sexual abuse compared to the sheer number of vatican priests who have been charged or reported for similar sexual offences?
  2. the higher divine ego laugh at sex as a form of energy interaction only meant for lower creatures!
  3. Sorry I will be reborn as a Super God someone like Dr Manhattan of Watchmen who can self-replicate himself.
  4. But I want to be an asexual and non-sexual organism of self-production! And also, I have always stated that true enlightenment is without anger or love! But when loves gets misdirected in a negative direction, sometimes you have to use anger to stop it! Like what you said, canceling each other out!
  5. yes sir or madam, everything will change for me end of this year or next year.. after end of this year, nobody in the universe will have anymore excuses
  6. More often than not, it is the souls themselves who requested such punishments.
  7. And Twinner is not trolling about posting lies about Buddhism? This is what he wrote.. Essentially what the Dalai Lama said was that if you got a boy or young teen to have sex with you, so long as it was masturbation, that it only required atonement, prayer and amends, not really a serious act. If the pope or any other prominent religious figure said something like this, the crap would hit the fan, but because it was the Dalai Lama, essentially it's ignored. Nor is it completely isolated within Tibetan Buddhism, but rather it's rampant in nearly all monasteries, even in Ch'an, Zen, and Theravada monasteries. So here's my point, how can it go on without anyone really doing anything to stop it? How is Buddhism any better than other religions if they allow this kind of monstrous behavior to occur? In fact they have done absolutely nothing to stop it, neither the governments in those countries or the people living there who are aware of this going on. This is the biggest trolling piece of lie designed to flame bait the practicing buddhists in here. And he doesn't even have proof for his lies. Where are the URL links? IMHO, Twinner should be banned for writing such outrageous lies.
  8. Oh great, now that I say one must suppress the sexual desires in order to properly cultivate, this means I am trolling and yet when others create non-spiritual threads like vicious dogs/cats and hidden/not-hidden-agendas, they are not trolling? I think you should be the one straightening your thoughts out and chilling out. I am merely asking everyone to destroy their sins so that when the Deities appear after the end of this year, no one will have to be punished for their sins. Also, destroying one's sins especially lust and sex is useful to one's cultivation. Unlike some in here who are jealous of other people's cultivation and merits and who would do anything to pull down the holy people in here. These are the real trolls instead.
  9. Yes everything is connected but I don't explain stuff to hypocrites who say I am disrespectful and yet have the gall to openly cast insults at me because their wisdom is not high enough to create plausible statements which can sway me to their point of view. Asceticism isn't about shunning the net or the phone. It is about shunning the pleasures of the body. How one can gain pleasure from the net is beyond my comprehension.
  10. I can't wait for Death to get me now. This is the biggest wish for me every day. To have a very peaceful, very comfortable Death in bed immediately without any pain or discomfort whatdoever. Death Anxiety? More like Death Impatience instead.
  11. Then you have not been lucky enough to meet the really powerful ones.
  12. Even a blind man can see through your not so hidden agenda. Your lies about child sex abuse in Buddhist monasteries are so outrageous that I don't even need to rebuke them. The more TPTB try to stop asceticism and the culling of Lust and Sex, the more the holy people on this board will resort to asceticism and the culling of Lust and Sex. Just remember, the filthy lies which you are propagating today will come back to haunt your soul at the time of your death, regardless if some higher dimensional powers are controlling you or not. You will be Judged by the Gods and Angels for every mis-action which you take and lies propagated against the Buddha are some of the most evil sins of all. But then I am sure some men aren't worried about punishments in the afterlife. Their sins are already too numerous and black for them to worry about adding another sin to their record.
  13. This is a topic on the punishments in Hell as related to Lust and Sex. The same thread can only grow to encompass punishments in Hell as related to other Sins. We are talking about a very real astral realm here. It is very different from my previous threads on lust and sex. My previous threads are more about the cultivation aspects of lust and sex. I could have put down my title as "Hell's Punishments" but that might be a bit too aggressive for the weak hearts of this forum.
  14. Unfortunately, Hell is real and there are even shamans who help the mundane people "visit" hell through shamanic trances. Hell is a lower astral realm and the Archangel of Death gets to decide who has to spend time locked up in that prison after their souls cross over. So no, it is not "fear-porn" I am afraid. It is a very real place.
  15. It is funny how you called sharing the wisdom of the various mythologies out there "garbage". Since when do you get to say which threads are "garbage" and which thread are not? Are the threads on "vicious dogs" and "vicious frogs" garbage? Why did you not make a complaint on those threads?