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Warrior Body Buddha Mind

Omei Bak Mei - White Eyebrow Kung Fu - Dvds

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Hi All,


Just posting regarding the release of Warrior Body Buddha Mind productions on the Omei Bak Mei Kung Fu System "White Eyebrow Martial Arts" one of todays still close guarded systems. This DVD series is on the 1st form and training methods of Yum Yerng Jik Bo Kuen "Yin Yang Straight Step Punch". This is not just a dvd of a form it breaks down the fundamentals of Yin Yang within this form and how to release the force and prepare the practitioner for the later levels of the style.


Check it out, you can download it straight away...


Kind Regards

Sifu Garry Hearfield


Also coming soon will be the 72 Level Nei Gong of the Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong - White Tiger Heavenly Healing Meditations series!!!

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