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Not a pretty face (heart is a muscle) / Outta my hands

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As I've mentioned a long time ago on here ... my uncle has four bands,

this being on of them, a Cincinnati local ... "The Psychodots"


This year their engineer has posted the clips on YouTube for veiwing pleasure.

About one month later the Ken "Kengineer" Latchey has passed away & is hugely missed and remembered.

I know many of you are YouTubians !!! So this shouldn't take long ...


"Not a pretty face"


"Out of my hands"


The man (Bob Nyswonger) on the left with the white bass guitar is my uncle.


The lead singer of the Dots - Rob Fetters, showing his guitarslinging style at Kustom Studios:


Ahhhh, yes ... I'd forgotten to mention, that the lead guitarist here, Adrian Belew, was ALSO the talented guitarist for the band King Krimson circa 1980's. He's also been involved largely with THE TALKING HEADS band.


you can check out Adrian lead singing here with King Krimson :

Adrian - HOLY


and if THAT isn't enough ... how about right alongside David Bowie ??

or you can do a search on the tube with his name, there's tons of stuff.

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