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Hello, I need your International help for my gf

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Hello everyone!

It's my first post on this site, although I'm reading this forum from time to time. I'm mainly practising from Mantak Chia books and some regular meditation and yoga, but this post isn't about me. I want you to do me a favour.


My girlfriend has 18th birthday at 7 April, and I want to make great present for her, a short movie with wishes for her in all languages in the world(or almost all languages :) ).


I want to make it just like in that video :)


So i have big request to You if You are interested:


1. Record some happy birthday wishes in your native language. Simple "Happy birthday Martyna" is enough but you can say what you want to :)


2.Send me video to [email protected] and write your name and your country

3.You can use regular camera, phone, webcam whatever You want


Her name is "Martyna" and she has 18th birthday.


That's only few seconds for You, but combined with other people from many countries will make huge effect, I'll upload it on Youtube in april and link it to You if u want :)


Oh and you can mail to me if You are interested and write your name/country, and send video later because I want to make a list of Countries that I will have in this movie.


Thanks to all that read it, and have a wonderful day, peace :)



Note to moderators: It would be really nice if You could move that post to Offtopic section so it will take more attention(fresh user can't post in offtopic i guess)

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