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Thank you for the greetings.

Can you you point me in the direction of any threads you have found that have had the same effect on you? There is a lot here so a few suggestions would be appreciated. Its kind of a vague question and I apologize. Your favorite thread or one that really taught you something ....

I didn't realize when I read the Musachi stuff that he was that wrote it. I just thought it was some kinda angry bitter old chinese type dude that wanted to learn to deal with lonliness or had chosen it. Hermit on a mountian kinda stuff aye?

To find out some of the story behind it was great. I was already aware of who he was and he was something of a hero to me. As a martial arts student I myself I remember hearing about him and wondering WHO he really was inside. The history channel show didnt really tell you that.


anyway.... if you can point me in a direction of something that has opened up your eyes in that kind of way I would be greatful.

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