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Drawing, Art, Music, Poetry, Dancing

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If I was talking to normal people I might try and justify that Im on psychadelics but im not even though I feel like it.


If hate and love are the same thing because if you love love, you must hate hate, if there is no end to reach, if the neccessity of survival is just a concept, if there is nothing you must achieve, then life is just one glorious play, dance, celebration.


So how might you express celebrating.


Im sure most people on this forum know shaking medicine and ecstatic dance where you dance, shake and even sing however you feel like just for the sake of doing it.


Well same can be said of art- you draw whatever it is you feel like drawing just for the sake of it, not to make the perfect copy of a chair, if I could show you my drawing its really funny, I even folded the sides of it so the paper sheet is a pyramid and tore little holes in it...because theres no serious purpose to it, its just a play, nothing in it is perfect or imperfect its just expressing.


Same thing with music- such as drumming or the didgeridoo or whatever just making whatever noises you feel like, because you feel like.


SO like yehhhh i wrote this thread, Im the mannnnn, Im going to write lots of bullshit at the end to make my point tlukk like yeh there was a guy called tulku or something always used to talk about sex repression hmmmm yh thats cool he was banned wasnt he I read this site a few months ago but never read that much, yh im sitting on my sofa its cool like lemons mate.

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