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to enable the spirit light energy to descend along the front channel

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I'm curious about people's impressions of what happens after the ch'i reaches the head-top; let me assume we are all in agreement that ch'i does circulate through the body, accumulate at the tan-t'ien, penetrate the tail-bone (no force must be used) and rise up the spine to the head-top, since most of the sources I've been exposed to are in agreement about that (Chen Man-Ch'ing's description, I borrowed). Question is, what happens after that. Here's a comment I made on the blog of a former Tao Bum regular, to summarize my impression:


'Not sure that's right about "there must be an emptying of the mind to enable the spirit light energy to descend along the front channel and by doing so it turns the generative fluid into generative force and with the breath to drive it then turns into chi vitality energy." Probably right according to Taoist Yoga, but I notice a divergence of descriptions on that front channel and something descending along it. I should probably open my mind more to a frontal presence.


I'm thinking the ability to feel depends on alignment of the spine made possible by the return of the cranial-sacral rhythm from the whole body to the extensors and the bones of the skull, and by the reinforcement of the cranial-sacral rhythm that this return initiates, and yet the manifestation is in the ability to feel and presence of mind at the tan-t'ien. Chen Man-Ch'ing suggested keeping the mind in the company of the ch'i at the tan-t'ien, yet I think it's a natural outcome.'


Pretty sketchy, but this is my inquiry these days, even if my method is simply to allow my feelings to inform my sense of place. Thanks for odd experiences, quirky coincidences, and tales of astonishment and wonder!

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