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Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation - Complete Program on DVD

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Hi- I just wanted to let everyone know that I am running a New Years Resolution Special on my site

special discount untill the end of the week 1/7/12




I am offering a special of 3 DVDs at a very reduced rate for anyone interested in starting the year right

with Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation


No Mystical Powers offered here- just good practices with clear instrution



The Three DVDs cover:


Seated Baduanjin (Eight Section Brocade) Qi Gong


The Seated Eight Section Brocade is an ancient set of exercises designed to wash the internal body thereby clearing the energy channels from blockages and strengthening the internal organs and Qi or energy. This set is very simple to preform and only takes about 15 minutes. This set is great as a stand alone practice or it is a great practice to do before seated meditation.


Introduction to the Seated Eight Section Brocade

Preparation Exercises

Section 1- Body Washing Introduction

Section 1.1- Wash the Hands

Section 1.2- Wash the Arms

Section 1.3- Wash the Head

Section 1.4- Wash the Eyes

Section 1.5- Wash the Nose

Section 1.6- Wash the Chest

Section 1.7- Wash the Abdomen

Section 1.8- Wash the Legs

Section 1.9- Wash the Knee

Section 2- Beat the Heavenly Drum

Section 3- Rotate the Eyes

Section 4- Tap the Teeth

Section 5- Gargle

Section 6- Rub the Kidneys

Section 7- Rub the Abdomen

Section 8- Rub the Foot



Seated Meditation (Breathing Exercise)


The seated breathing exercise taught is a method of counting the breath. This seems simple in theory but the practice can be demanding. This practice can build a solid foundation for further meditation. By counting the breath you can quite the mind and make the breathing naturally long, deep, slow, and relaxed.


* Seated Breathing Exercise

* Overview of the Seated Breathing Exercise



Standing Baduanjin (Eight Section Brocade) Qi Gong


These Eight Qi Gong Exercises are non strenuous and simple to learn but they hold great benefit for people who can find the time to practice them on a regular basis. These Eight Exercises systematically the entire body, strengthen the internal organs, maintain joint flexibility, promote the flow of Qi or energy, and reduce tension and stress. You get detailed instruction in each of the eight exercises (along with some variations of the movements) and a Follow Along Workout.


Introduction to the Standing Eight Section Brocade



Exercise 1- Support the Heavens with Two Hands

Exercise 1- Variation

Exercise 2- Draw the Bow

Exercise 2- Variation 1

Exercise 2- Variation 2

Exercise 3- Raise One Hand

Exercise 3- Variation

Exercise 4- Look Back

Exercise 5- Shake the Head and Wag the Tail

Exercise 5- Variation

Exercise 6- Hold the Toes

Exercise 7- Punch with Glaring Eyes

Exercise 8- Vibrate the Back

Follow Along- 3 Repetitions of Each Exercise



The Tai Chi Workout


Experience the Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi without the Frustration of Having to Learn a Long and Complicated Form


The exercises in this workout are easy to learn and gentle on the body while building skills and attributes that are necessary to explore the depth of Tai Chi Practice. This workout was designed so that evan as a brand new student you can follow along and practice all the exercises on your first day.


The workout includes exercises that loosen and relax the joints, a standing meditation (Zhan Zhuang) which builds energy and connection in the body, Tai Chi walking exercises, and Tai Chi movement exercises. This is a low impact workout that will help you relax and get rid of stress, become more aware and in control of your body, and benefit circulation.


The Tai Chi Workout should take you between 20 to 40 minutes depending on your what your goals are.


This workout builds and refines skills that are necessary for Tai Chi Practice. Your commitment to practice determines the depth of your training and development. This is not watered down Tai Chi or Tai Chi like exercise. These are traditional training exercises that are put into a format so that you can get the most benefit. This workout is a great introduction to further Tai Chi training or it can be your whole practice. The decision is yours.


The Tai Chi Workout consists of 13 Exercises and a short series of exercises to close your practice.



Tai Chi Principles

Overview of the Tai Chi Principles

Exercise 1: Swing the Arms

Exercise 2: Bear Flops

Exercise 3: Monkey Flops

Exercise 4: Hold the Ball

Tai Chi Walking

Exercise 5: Wade Through the River

Exercise 6: Cross the Ice

Exercise 7: Spring Light

Exercise 8: Row the Boat

Exercise 9: The Clouds and the Mountain

Exercise 10: Set the Sail

Exercise 11: Turn the Corner and Push

Exercise 12: Step Back and Push

Exercise 13: Kick

Closing Exercises






Some ideas on how these practices could form a complete training program or fit your individual needs:


1. You could start your day with the Seated Eight Section Brocade. This gentle 15 minute practice is a great way to wake up and energize the body so that you can have the most productive and enjoyable day. Ending the day with the same 15 minute practice helps to relieve the stress and tension you might have built up over the day and gets your ready for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.


2. Add meditation to your daily schedule. You could meditate in the morning or the evening or even both. The benefits of meditation become more apparent with consistent practice. You might amaze yourself if you try it.


3. You could add the Standing Qigong routine into your daily schedule or the Tai Chi Workout. Or you could do both together for added benefit and challenge. Your practice could take anywhere from a couple of minutes to quickly loosen up, de-stress, and energize, on up to a 45 minute or more workout that will not only be relaxing and invigorating but could challenge your body to meet your fitness goals.




These three DVDs give you a complete training program- Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation, The perfect combination







So Why the Huge Discount?


This is a start of a New Year. Traditionally we make resolutions and plans to accomplish not only the things that we really want to do in the New Year but also we look back at the year that just past and make plans based on what we could have done better.


I want to offer this huge discount to you in the hopes that by making this material available it will help you achieve your health and fitness goals in this New Year.



if your interested- check it out


you can also watch some free lessons from the DVDs on my site.





Best wishes for this year




Edited by Franklin
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