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Zany Heron


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I'm new here.

First of all: English is not my native language, so please forgive me if I make grammar mistakes.

I'm here, because... well, I think I'm a "free-style" taoist. I simply follow my Way, wandering on the Never-endning Path.

I have learned buddhism, taoism and a lots of philosophies - but it's just knowledge. These studies are important to me, but now I'm dealing mainly with the Tao.

It's more than "studying". In my opinion: one must live the Tao. The Way is like a song - our goal is to be part of it. Every single breath should be harmonized with the Universe.

I just wasting words - and words can't describe the Tao.


So that's me. A drop in the Ocean. A Zany Heron - finding companions on the Road.


You know, I have very extreme ideas - I'm not a "conservative taoist".

I would be very happy if I could discuss these topics with you.


Bon voyage!



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