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  1. Asthma

    Thanks to all of you! I'll do my best.
  2. Asthma

    Hey, I have asthma since last year and I tried everything I've learned to cure it: chi kung, meditation and other energetic and breathing exercises. I try to avoid medicines, so what do you think - is there a taoist / chi kung exercise to heal my lungs? (I'm wondering why I can't heal. You know, I've cured all of my illness during my "career", even tough ones, but now... it just don't work.)
  3. Law of energy response

    Hmm, hmm...
  4. Law of energy response

    Please, explain this! I'm very curious.
  5. Law of energy response

    Then, my question is: One creates his / her own world? And if it's true: do we share the same world?
  6. Sending Chi into something

    I experienced the "flowing" of energy too. It is logical that chi, like water, can change it's place, flowing from 'A' to 'B'. But it's also logical that if you change the place of something, you take it from somewhere. Tao has physics too. It is a very difficult topic. What is projection? Moving chi with your willpower, with your mind, isn't it? But if we do projection, what is manipulation? Are they the same?
  7. Law of energy response

    Hmm, interesting. Thank you!
  8. Sending Chi into something

    "Sending Chi into something" - hmm, interesting topic. Well, Chi is the breath of Tao, it is the fundamental energy of the Universe. Chi is what balance yin and yang. It is very hard to understand, what Chi really is. Maybe (just maybe!) we misunderstand the practice with Chi. Our world is like an ocean of energy - energy is everything. So we don't "send" chi - we manipulate chi (to do things, to change). What do you think?
  9. Live Simply

    Live simply: To be in harmony with the Tao. To be One, leave behind the world of dualism. To be peaceful.
  10. Law of energy response

    Hello there! I've meditated on the "law of energy response". What do you think: it is like the so-called "law of attraction"? Maybe it came from the taoist idea. What do you know about it? I'm hesitating, that maybe someone can "use" this law to control his life - but is this the taoist Way? Well... I don't know. Because Nature has her laws. I mean: we're trying to live our life in accordance with the Tao, learning peace and compassion... but to attract things to our life. Well, well... Is that right? I thought the taoist way is passive (I mean: yin). And first of all: is that possible? To control our life with our mind? Of course, they say "law of energy response" is not like "law of attraction". Not so direct. Too many questions...
  11. Healing Arts

    Thank you!
  12. Healing Arts

    Hi, I study energy healing arts years ago - I tried for example reiki, it's very interesting, but I always turned back to Tao. So I meditate a lot on healing. It's very important to me, I think it is a very good way to practice and help to other people. Do someone knows healing practices based on Tao / taoism? I mean: some kind of hands-on method? I know, it sounds like a "shortcut" comparing with chi kung exercises, but I really interested in it.
  13. Immortals (Xian Shi)

    If you follow the Tao, you try to be like Tao. That's why if you ask a taoist, how old is he / she, he / she won't answer. Because a taoist have no age. Do Tao have? If you practice, then you go beyond dualism, your own limits. So... how old are you?
  14. Role of Tao(ism) in society

    For me, taoism is a way (the way?) to follow the order of nature, the universe. So that's why I think they could give good advices to politicians, etc..