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How often do you tell people what they want to hear?

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I am wondering how often you find yourself agreeing with someone autonomously?


Does what you think of a person affect what you will tell them?


Do you go out of your way to spare feelings?


Have you ever been found agreeing with someone just because you like them?


Do you find debating beneficial or a hinderance/annoyance?


How do you differentiate debating from arguing?


How often do you blindly accept what one says with-out question?


You can answer one, all, or non of the questions, as is your choice. This is my feeble attempt to open your seeker mind. It is quite simple, you find out if anything anyone tells you proves to be true within.


If you can't prove it to be true or false, then you don't know, stop guessing and believing. Start knowing! Stop spreading hear-say and misinformation off as facts, because you will eventually be convinced of its truth, regardless if it is or not.


If everyone in the world tells you the same thing, does that make it true?


Not-knowing is more knowing than believing.

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