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steve jobs

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I just read the biography of steve jobs. Maybe there is already a similar topic, but steve jobs

seems to have searched extensively for enlightenment between 18-23 years of age. He

meditated his entire life and he always hold on to the buddhist believes. He also took lsd for years.

He also believed greatly in the force of will power and it is also the reason why he died because he choose to delay

the operation so his cancer spread through it's body and it was too late to cut it away. I recommend to download

the torrent on piratebay and have a look at the biography yourself.


My own spiritual search has ended somewhat. After raising "energy" to my crown and stopping afterwards

it seems i have a kind of whole in my brain. I feel lonely, depressed and energyless now all the time.

I think everything is just in the brain and when we die the button just turns off like steve describes in the end of the book.

The trick is to have a good brain and meditation can help with that, maybe i should meditate again, but i first need

girlfriend otherwise i feel too lonely :-) but it's hard when feeling like this :-)



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