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(A) Sexual Vitality (USA) Chi Kung M. Winn

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I have M. Winns Sexual Vitality video available. It "..reveals the secrets of how to safely heal and build sexual energy for both medical and spiritual purposes. Over two dozen methods are clearly explained for regualating hte water and fire energies.." I'd be happy to send it out with the following guidelines.


No copying (bad karma for us both), keep it for 2 weeks, then either send it back to me or to someone else in this group, if they are interested and will follow the above guidelines. If you like it BUY THE VIDEO from Winn. He's a great teacher.


My favorate Winn videos are Fundamentals II (his 5 part form). I like his Pan Gu Chi gung sequence on 8 Extraordinary Vessels, I like his primordial Chi Gung.


I would love to get my hands on more of Minke's Silent Ground guided meditation CD's. I've emailed Minke a twice with no reply. They are great. If anyone knows of any source for them I'd be very interested.






P.S. HI Guys

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