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New practitioner here

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Hey guys,


I've been practicing meditation and qigong on and off for the past ten years, but have just recently been practicing more seriously. After reading through these forums for the past week I've come to realize my past practices have been superficial and I want to take my experiences well beyond what I've done in the past.


For anyone interested, here are the books that I have in my library that I've learned from so far:



"Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao", Mantak Chia


"The Way of Qigong", Kenneth Cohen


"The Way of Energy", Master Lam Kam Chuen


"The Wandering Taoist", Deng Ming-Dao


"Empty Force", Paul Dong & Thomas Faffill


"Dayan Qigong", Yang Meijun


"Essential Tao", Thomas Cleary


"Zen Meditation Therapy", Tomio Hirai


"The Three Pillars of Zen", Roshi Philip Kapleau


"Understanding Reality", Chang Po-tuan

(This one is almost completely incomprehensible to me at the moment. Everything seems to be in code.)


Dr. Glenn Morris, I have all books by this author, and he's the one who really got me interested in all of this.




I have some immediate questions about energy generation, but I'll post those in an on topic forum.


Thank you! I look forward to being a part of this community.

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Hi Lifezero,


Welcome to the Tao Bums.


Maybe you are reading too much?

How about forgetting for a while.


All the Best Life!

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