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  1. Are all paths really valid?

    Then it is literally the only thing bounding you.
  2. Bodhi Meditation

    Hi Humble, The Patting helps and act to relieve tensions. Visualizations may help one to be more aware of the flows of energies in ones' body. Some schools do teach that one can move energy through intent. May your path be fruitful, XJ
  3. Are all paths really valid?

  4. ...

    The student didn't gain enlightened that day, but he realized that much is to do with the present. Though the technique is not quite "not holding something in the mind". The thing is there is, while being mindful; the greed, hatred or ignorance that is present in your mind comes to an end. There is no different between your mind and Ramana Marishi's. The more to it is, most returns to their usual selves through familiarity/memories and karma while for the Enlightened Masters, that mind is ever presented to them.
  5. ...

    You made me recall a story. One sunny day, after hours of meditation practice. A students walks out to the pavillion, there was sitting his master holding his warm tea cup gazing the moutians and the crops the villager have cultivated. Seeing the student, the master asked "How do you know that Greed, Hatred or Ignorance are not present in your mind?" "Through being mindful at the moment, I know that Greed, Hatred or Ignorance are not currently not present in my mind." the student replied. Recalling what he heard about the Englightened masters, the student asked "Then how do the enlightened masters always have the mind and the dharma present to them without straying from the path?" The master chuckled, slowly sipped his tea then asked "How do you know that in 7 days, 1 months or 3 years that Greed, Hatred or Ignorance would be present in your mind then?" The student is puzzled, he exclaimed "How!? would someone know that about the future!" Before the student could finish his sentence, the master smiled. The student was silenced... and then a bright smile broke out on his face and he answered: "In 7 days, 1 months or 3 years; through being mindful with the moment, I know that Greed, Hatred or Ignorance are not currently not present in my mind." The master chuckled, sipping his tea and looking over at the distances at the mountains and the crops the villagers have cultivated.
  6. ...

    the strange thing about ignorance is when we stop denying it... ...it disappeared?!
  7. ...

    Modern English is a very precise language, sometimes it have difficulties representing ancient Eastern languages which tends to be more generalized; some ambiguous meanings are lost through translation. From my experience, the only thing blinding the man to his virtue would be his ignorance. The Dao acts through both the ignorant man and the wise man, the only differences is that the wise man knows and understand his nature and circumstances; putting his mind and actions in accord to the Dao; in this virtue, it brings him peace and contentment. the ignorant man knows not and understand not of his nature and circumstances; putting his confused mind and actions against the Dao; this brings him suffering and disappointment. Thus the saying "Only the man of virtue knows whom to love and whom to hate".
  8. Is Buddhism atheistic?

    One is not wrong to put it that way; there is the path and where it leads to. There are no prerequisites knowledge, if one allows one's mind to be mindfully present. The mind reframes, refined or learn what it needs; it also remove, retouched or discards what it doesn't. There might be so many recipes, but that's because there's many people with different tastes or craving. If a person is to take just one, and take it to completion. That person would understands how the rest of the meals are made. Either way, wish you all a fruitful weekend. May peace and happiness be on your way. XJ
  9. Bodhi Meditation

    Hello Humble, In the end of the day, there is no differences between anybody's Qi and Universal Energy. It seems that Master Jin have made the teachings of non-self, mindfulness and spontaneity the central of his methodology and it is tailored to make it look more interesting and more digestible for some people. If one are to mindfully approach Qi Gong or Tai Chi from a no-self perspective, one should be able to arrive at similar outcomes. And of course it is also very rewarding, where one following the traditional path and discovering them with one's own mind. Peace and Happiness be on your way, XJ Edited: Layout fixes
  10. Feeling Powerful vs Happy

    Hi Fold, First one is where you derived happiness from you taking actions. Second one is when you derived happiness from being grateful and content from what you already have. Though the conditions for them are different, they precedes each-other and are one of the same; the flow in action and non-action. Wish you found that you seek and may happiness and peace always be with you on your path. XJ
  11. Unbalance Between Career & Spirituality?

    Hi Fox, Abandoning self is not an independent action, one cannot abandon self if one cannot see the self. Likewise, there's nothing wrong with writing but what you said is your attachment and earthly. Is it to do with more of what you see as the consequence of being a good renown writer? If you are not attach to that, then it is not earthly at all. It's not easy for one can find ones' dream an yet follow it. Writing can be a good meditative tools, a window into the inner world. Meditation is not a form; as long as one is mindful and absorbed in seeing and knowing one-selves anything could be a meditation. May you find your answers, and may you path be fill happiness and peace. XJ
  12. Loopy thoughts

    Songtsan, It is in our tendency to over-complicate. So tell me; which comes first? The Dao or You? Edited: Fix spacing...
  13. Pratyekabuddha

    Hi Chiforce, Buddhism haven't lost its meaning at all. What Alwayson mentioned is partly true, the path of Pratyekbuddha is not available in this lifetime. One can however cultivate and approach that certain path in the future, however it is not a matter of choice but depends greatly on how one cultivates. My question is if one have the choice of cultivation in this life, Why should one worry about future lives instead of the current one. Peace and fruitfulness on your path. XJ
  14. Attaining Emptiness - constant Reduction?

    Emptiness is what is meditating on form. Seeing that, form itself also empty. There are certain kind of karma that let go of other karma and eventually let go of itself.