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The 18 Rules for proper standing postures

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I've been reading Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy and . . . WOW! Lot of information. There have been a number of times I've been tempted to post some things from the book or start a discussion based on something I've read, but then I would NEVER finish the book. It is over 1k pages long.


I did want to throw this out there though. One of the most important aspects of my training lately has been standing meditation. I've found it difficult to find a good, concise, and complete instruction for proper standing posture. The Way of Energy is a great one, but if you want it broken down into 18 easy-to-remember rules, here they are.


18 rules for proper standing postures:


1. Stand with the feet flat

2. Bend the knees

3. Relax the hips

4. Round the perineal area

5. Close the anal sphincter

6. Pull in the stomach

7. Relax the waist

8. Tuck the chest in

9. Stretch the back

10. Relax the shoulders

11. Sink the elbows

12. Hollow the armpits

13. Relax the wrists

14. Suspend the head

15. Tuck the chin

16. Close the eyes for inner vision

17. Close your mouth and turn your hearing inwards

18. Touch the tongue to the upper palate


He goes on to explain each rule in more detail, but I think most of them are pretty self explanitory.


I find it helpful to begin my standing practice by going through each of these one at a time. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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7 acupuncture points you focus on(or at least pay attention to) when practice soft style martial arts to relax, direct your movements, and have a good posture.

I don't want to look up the names so find them yourself :lol:

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